IVE, a K-pop girl group composed of An Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Jang Wonyoung, Liz and Leeseo, typically performs more upbeat and dance based music. However, the group went in a far different direction with most of the six songs on I’VE MINE, three of which are singles.

The first song, “Off the Record,” is one of the EP’s singles and was released on Oct. 6. The song seems to be about the privacy and comfort of late night conversations. Lyrics like “Now, we’re in private mode” and “Off the record night” basically say that what’s said at night, stays at night.

The “Lovefool” by The Cardigans reference caught me by surprise when I first heard it. The lyrics “Love me, love me / Hurry, go leave me, leave me / Day by day, killing healing” beautifully created a softer version of the original song.

I have mixed feelings about the second track, another one of the EP’s singles. “Baddie” almost has trap-pop vibes, and it took me a couple of tries to get used to.

The music video is strange as well, as the members are cats, but one can still enjoy singing and dancing along.

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I tend to cringe at songs that express “being different” or the “I’m not like other girls” trope, but I can get behind how the girls sing about self-confidence. Rei and Gaeul also perfectly executed their verses their flows greatly complement each other.

“Either Way” was the first single on the EP that was released and is one of my favorites. It really made me appreciate the girls’ vocals in a way I haven’t before.

“It’s a style that IVE has never tried before,” Gaeul said while shooting the phenomenal music video. The makeup, the clothing and the crying — bravo.

The lyrics are also beautiful, touching on the hurtful comments the artists have received as idols and how they have had to smile through the pain. I nearly cried listening to the song and watching the music video.

“Holy Moly” is my other favorite song on the EP. It might actually be one of my new favorite songs in general. When I first listened to the girls singing, “Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, / Holy moly,” my jaw dropped. I especially love that all of them are singing at once.

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The song sounds ethereal. I feel like I’m being put under a spell as the girls sing, “At times I have a strange power to manipulate people’s feelings” and later, “On the count of three, you fall in love’ / Holy moly.”

The fifth track, “OTT,” was actually written by Wonyoung. It’s a gorgeous song about not understanding emotions of love or being able to think clearly because of them.

Speaking of love, I am in love with the melody as the artists sing, “Even if it’s overflowing even if it seems too much / I think I’ll fall in love with you, O-T-T.

“Payback” is the last song on the EP and the perfect ending to the collection. It might just be the lyric that says that winter is coming, but the song makes me feel warm and think of autumn.

The song surrounds the artists pleading with a love interest to stop denying their feelings because of mutual feelings.

Listen carefully / Ah open your eyes in front of you / ‘Cause I’d always think of you,” the girls sing.

IVE has been criticized often for lip syncing and not possessing as much talent as other K-pop groups, and this album seems to be the group’s way of proving these statements wrong.