As the leaves begin to change and the University of Maryland campus transitions into a dazzling autumnal scene, there is only one thing missing: the perfect music to accompany the view. These songs are must-have additions to your fall playlist.

Haunted – Laufey

Spooky season is right around the corner. Looking for a fright? This song will make you question every detail of your prior relationships.

In this emotional tune, Laufey details the experience of being haunted by the memories of her former lover. The slow instrumentals of this song are peaceful to listen to, and Laufey’s voice is truly angelic.

Little Faith – Ryan Beatty

Life changes, and new beginnings arise — one can find themselves through all seasons. Ryan Beatty masterfully portrays what it’s like to go through a period of life where you start to question your faith.

The line of the song, “born green, lived yellow, then drying,” reminds me of the phases of a leaf during the fall season, and I find this metaphor to be a wonderful representation of life.

October Passed Me By – girl in red

You can’t create a fall playlist without mentioning girl in red. This song is a sequel to her previously released hit song “we fell in love in october,” but it sends a completely different message. “October Passed Me By” is about the loss of love in autumn and reminiscing on more pleasant times.

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“Yeah, I got bitter when you got cold,” the song says. Summer is like a dreamy, boundless world to live in, but when the cold air returns, so does reality.

vampire – Olivia Rodrigo 

Another spooky title to fit the Halloween spirit is Olivia Rodrigo’s “Vampire.” This song is captivating from start to finish as Rodrigo rants about an ex-boyfriend whose manipulative tactics are truly terrifying. 

“Oh, bloodsucker, dream crusher, bleeding me dry like a damn vampire,” the song laments.

This song is the most upbeat out of the bunch and provides a nice change of pace for listeners.

Call Your Mom – Noah Kahan (With Lizzy McAlpine)

Yes, this is not the original version of the song, but everything is better with Lizzy McAlpine. This song’s strong point is its storytelling which allows the listener to immerse themselves in the music. Every time I hear this song, I feel grounded and able to take a moment to breathe. 

This song reminds people to take a minute to look around them and appreciate the beautiful autumn scenery.

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Not Strong Enough – boygenius 

This song from boygenius is a work of art. The song’s poetic nature mixed with the raw emotions of the artists makes it a fantastic listen. It fits into the fall aesthetic with the theme of running low on energy, which a lot of students can relate to during this time of year. 

“Every clock’s a different time, it would only take the energy to fix it,” the song says.

Call Me What You Like – Lovejoy

The British band’s song “Call Me What You Like” is sure to have listeners bopping along. The upbeat instrumentals are perfect for a brisk walk to class on a chilly morning. If you need any more convincing, just the guitar alone will help relieve all your stress. This is only one of many enjoyable songs on the indie-rock band’s EP “Wake Up & Its Over.”