BTS’ lead vocalist Jung Kook recently released his second solo single “3D,” a flirty, upbeat tune featuring Jack Harlow.

The song is about wanting to be with someone in person, or 3D, and provocative lyrics like “I can’t touch you through the phone / Or kiss you through the universe” and “I wanna see it in motion, in 3D” express this sentiment.

Jung Kook’s last song was also about sex, and this song is no different. In his latest singles, Jung Kook has wanted to show a more mature side of himself. He explained his more explicit lyrics in an interview published in July.

“This is my first step forward in the spotlight as a solo artist. I want to show a more mature and grown version of myself,” Jung Kook told Variety.

Since he is the youngest member of BTS, establishing this more mature identity is something that has been difficult in the past due to him being the youngest member of BTS, or the “maknae.” In K-pop, the maknae or youngest group member is often doted on by the older members and by fans.

Because of this role, Jung Kook is often viewed as innocent or childlike and wanted to change that perception, which I understand completely.

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However, I do think there are other ways of showing maturity in songs and that growing up isn’t all about sex.

When I first heard the song, it gave me a ‘90s boy band feel with a bit of pop, R&B and minimal but fun percussion. The day it dropped I couldn’t stop bobbing my head to it while I walked to class. Jung Kook even asked for consent in the lyrics, which was something else I enjoyed.

Oftentimes in songs where men sing about sex, they say phrases like “I know you want it” ” But Jung Kook says, “So if you’re ready /And if you’ll let me.”

Is it the bare minimum? Yes. Is consent important? Yes, very important.

Jack Harlow came straight out the bat with his verses. “I’m on my Jung Kook, take a chick off one look.” His flow was one with the beat. Effortless. 

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“And steal they hearts like some crook, true story / Now when I hold somebody’s hand, it’s a new story”

Harlow’s rap was amazing, but his random pop-in throughout the song added a nice touch and a little more dimension on top of Jung Kook’s voice.

The music video was also entertaining to watch, especially the choreography. The dancers killed it, and obviously, Jung Kook did too. The camera work was excellent. The different angles, like when Jung Kook and Harlow are singing to the camera, were also unique. Jung Kook is even flying at some point, like what? He’s so cool.

My favorite part was when the song became quiet as Jung Kook obliterates a fire hydrant with a sledgehammer and began dancing with others in the water.

It scratches an itch in my brain to see the lyrics match the action in music videos, which happens a couple of times, such as when Harlow sang, “When I seen that body, you would think it was a dead body,” and stepped over a dead body.

The song has more than 46 million listens on Spotify, so if you haven’t heard “3D” or seen the music video yet, do it now.