We have officially reached the end of season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Our original 16 queens have dwindled down to a final four: Anetra, Luxx Noir London, Mistress Isabelle Brooks and Sasha Colby. 

At the top of the episode, we see all 16 queens walk the mainstage of the Ace Hotel and Theater showcasing their grand finale eleganza. All around, I really liked everyone’s looks. Finale looks are one of the most important outfits of the Drag Race experience. It is your final televised moment to showcase yourself in your most beautiful state. 

I can’t pick a favorite because honestly, every queen showed up and showed out. My standouts were Irene Dubois, Princess Poppy, Sugar, Spice, Robin Fierce, Loosey LaDuca, Mistress, Luxx and Sasha. 

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I didn’t love Anetra’s look because it swallowed her a bit. Marcia’s look was a tad simple for me, although I understand she may have been paying homage to vintage Dior with her simplistic, elegant look.

The finale format is simple: just like with Season 14, this year the queens perform their own original song in front of the audience. Then, RuPaul picks the top two queens to lip sync for the crown and chose a winner.

Anetra opened the show with her original song “Lotus,” and I thought it started pretty strong. I had higher expectations for her performance, considering the fact that we’ve seen such strong performances all season. I think Anetra had one of – if not the – top most quoted moments from her talent show performance when she said “you better walk that fucking duck.” I liked the message behind her song and the importance of the lotus flower to her, but generally felt she didn’t live up to her own standard.

Next up was Luxx Noir London, performing her original song “Its Giving Fashion.” Once again, I expected more from Luxx. My biggest qualm with her performance was why the song is a reference to a Drag Race moment that isn’t about her. While I understand Luxx is a Drag Race encyclopedia, this finale is a moment to talk about her own perspective, not reference a Drag Race deepcut meme. Despite this, I still enjoyed her number. It captured her fierce and fun personality.

Mistress Isabelle Brooks also let me down with her original song “Delusion.” Mistress commanded the stage with bold emotion and joy. But the number was just good, not great. I liked her nurse theme, which referenced one of her memed moments this season.

Finally, Sasha Colby’s performance of her song “Goddess” was the moment I have been anticipating most since this cast was announced. This is what Sasha does. She can choreograph and put together large scale performances with backup dancers and theatrics. I was genuinely speechless watching her. I don’t have the vocabulary to even begin to explain what this number did to me. It changed my life.

RuPaul announces our top two queens are Anetra and Sasha. That decision was mainly a toss-up for who would compete against Sasha. I may have swapped Luxx for Anetra, but both were neck and neck.

While waiting for Sasha and Anetra to do their final lip sync, the show gives us a moment where the season 15 queens performed a number from Wigloose to take a stand against drag bans happening across the country.

Then, our season 14 champion Willow Pill arrives in her finale look to give up her crown and just oh my god. The finale look for the last season’s winner is arguably one of the most important looks they will have. The finale for the season after a winner takes the crown is the moment for them to come out, show up everyone on the stage and remind the world why they won. Willow did that. She came out in a willow tree inspired look and it was so beautifully made. I was in awe of her.

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Next comes the first crowning of the night: Miss Congeniality. Miss Congeniality is a title given to the most congenial queen of the season. Since season 10, the queens have crowned someone with the title. Season 14’s Miss Congeniality, Kornbread, did a fun and clever rap about the season 15 queens before crowning Malaysia Babydoll Foxx as Miss Congeniality. I couldn’t be happier. Malaysia had such an air of positivity around her the whole season.

As we wait for Sasha and Anetra’s final performances, we get a phenomenal performance of “When You’re Good to Mama” from Chicago from Jinkx Monsoon, winner of Drag Race’s season five and All Stars’ season seven.

Then, it’s officially time. We head to the final lip sync of the season. This is for all the marbles. Sasha and Anetra take to the stage one last time to lip sync to “Knock on Wood” by Amii Stewart. I like it when the finale song is a little slower, like season 11’s “Edge of Glory,” but “Knock on Wood” is a drag classic.

Overall, I thought the lip sync was shot and edited so poorly that someone deserves jail time. The performance was high energy, but hard to watch. Sasha has such an electric stage presence that I was more drawn to her. Her reveals were gorgeous – transitioning from a giant overcoat to a stunning gown, before ending in some pasties and panties.

Anetra had a good reveal – wearing a fabric heart with strings coming out, but I was locked in on Sasha.The lip sync ends and America’s Next Drag Superstar is… SASHA COLBY. I won’t lie, I cried when they said her name. Call it predictable; I don’t care. Sasha performed with expectations higher than the moon on her shoulders and each week continued to prove that she deserves her reputation. She is such an important person in the drag community and this win is so monumental – not only for Drag Race, but for queer culture and culture in general. Condragulations Sasha. I bow to thee.