Students are still reeling from the Oscars Sunday night, a ceremony full of emotional speeches, historic wins and a few fashion misses. For this episode, Offbeat sat down with Diamondback reporters to break down all things Academy Awards. Warning: spoilers and hot takes are not sold separately and will be included in this episode!



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ANDREW GARFIELD: And the Oscar goes to …

HARRISON FORD: And the Oscar goes to …

FLORENCE PUGH: And the Oscar goes to …

PEDRO PASCAL: And the … and the Oscar goes to … 

ELIZABETH OLSEN: And the Oscar goes to …


MEGAN BARNES, HOST: That’s right, we’re in awards season, and Sunday marked the last show until the Tony’s in June. Today we’re talking about all things Oscars, from the stunning cinema to the red, or should I say champagne, carpet looks to emotional speeches to everything in between. OK, I won’t hold you any longer. Now presenting: The Oscars: Offbeat Edition. 


MEGAN BARNES: OK, so welcome to our Oscars roundtable. If everyone could just go around, introduce yourself, maybe then say, like, who your favorite actor/actress is. 

SOFIA APPOLONIO: So my name is Sofia. I’m a freshman journalism and English major, and I gotta be honest, my favorite actor at the moment is Pedro Pascal. I am on The Last of Us train, on The Mandalorian train. All of it. 

MEGAN BARNES: We’re going to fight because that’s also one of mine. No, when it was him and Elizabeth Olsen presenting together like they knew what they were doing. There was no way they didn’t know. But I’m Megan. I’m a senior journalism/gov double major reporter for Offbeat,  you know, the us[ual]. And I would say I’m also a very big Pedro Pascal fan. And then also Florence Pugh as well. She’s like one of my favorite people ever. So yeah. 

JESSICA DANINHIRSCH: I’m Jess. I am a freshman journalism major. And I feel like one of, OK, so like it changes based on like the movies that are on, but one of my all time, like, consistently favorite actors is Keanu Reeves. And also Saoirse Ronan is incredible and Emma Stone because ginger. I’m a ginger, by the way. 

FATIMA YAZDI: Yeah, I feel like I should have gone first. You guys listed so many of my favorite actresses. My name is Fatima Yazdi. I’m a junior journalism and government and politics double major. I’m also a reporter with Offbeat, and I’ll do like an overall, like favorite, like modern day actor or actress, I would say Jennifer Lawrence for me is, like, very consistent. I just, like, always love her work. More recent, I would also say Florence Pugh I think is just killing it these days. I really do–

MEGAN BARNES: So what? How does everyone feel? Were their predictions accurate? Were they inaccurate? Some snubs that we feel, that kind of thing. 

SOFIA APPOLONIO: I definitely changed my predictions like an hour before the ceremony last night because I think my issue is just I’m so indecisive, so I kept going back and forth, particularly with best actor, but last night I’m like it’s 7 o’clock. I’m like, no, I think it’s gonna be Brendan Fraser. Like, I’m gonna put it down. And I was very glad I did. Like it was nice kind of checking it off. It’s like it’s official. So I was really happy about that. But yeah, I think I did well for the predictions because there’s so many, like the, I’m not familiar with, like, sound editing, makeup. So I feel like predicting for those, it’s like I wouldn’t know what the academy would want, but you think it’s fun to kind of take a guess and then if it’s right, it’s like, “Oh wow. I’m a genius, you know?”

JESSICA DANINHIRSCH: Yeah, I feel like I … I got some of the predictions right, I’d say, but like I was definitely, I well, OK, I’m not surprised that Brendan Fraser got best actor. I am so happy for him. I think he deserves it like this is his, like, comeback moment. He’s wonderful. But originally, I did, like, think that Austin Butler was going to get it. But like  I’m very happy. 

MEGAN BARNES: I, when I jumped up and down when he didn’t win, I was like, I was so glad because I was ranting because I think it’s since, like, 2016, biopics have been winning best actor and, it’s like OK. Like I understand why, because if you can emulate someone so well, it’s like good and like, like impressive. But at the same time, like you have these original roles that people like, no one knows about, like people are genuinely like putting out there and like Elvis, I don’t think he’s one that I’m like jumping up and down for. Like Freddie Mercury, fine. I do think Taron Egerton was — Egerton was snubbed for Elton John. I will always be upset about that. But we digress. All of Twitter was like you had that accent on for three years, just to lose, yeah. 

FATIMA YAZDI: Yeah, I’m not. I’m not going to lie. I’ve been like, following the Austin Butler like Elvis journey and like a lot of people are commenting on him being like a method actor and like, really getting into the character. So I was expecting there to just be a lot of hype around him. But I was also very happy to see he didn’t win that respectfully, respectfully. 

JESSICA DANINHIRSCH: He’ll have his moment. He has time, but like, Brendan Fraser  like this was so well deserved. I’m very happy for him. 

MEGAN BARNES: Did everyone have, like a favorite winner on top of I know, Brendan Fraser was a big, but I don’t know if anyone had a favorite winner? 


ALL: Yes! 

SOFIA APPOLONIO: I’m so proud of him.  

JESSICA DANINHIRSCH: Oh my God. When when, like Ariana DeBose like announced his name, and like she was like, choked up, I was like, “Oh my God. I’m gonna start crying now.”

ARIANA DEBOSE: And the Oscar goes to Ke Huy Quan. 

KE HUY QUAN: My mom is 84 years old, and she’s at home watching. Mom, I just won an Oscar.


JESSICA DANINHIRSCH: It’s just like his whole story, like when he was like, you know, he started when he was young. But like he just kind of got, like, kicked out of the industry, not kicked out, but like you know, it was just hard for him to, like, get his footing. And now he’s like back and better than ever.  

KE HUY QUAN: My journey started on a boat. I spent a year in a refugee camp. And somehow, I ended up here on Hollywood’s biggest stage. Thank you, thank you so much for welcoming me back. I love you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

MEGAN BARNES: When Everything Everywhere (abbrev.) won best picture, like, nothing was more perfect than Harrison Ford giving that award out because he ran into that man’s arms and it was just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. But yeah, best picture obviously went to Everything, Everywhere, All at Once. I’m happy with that.  

JESSICA DANINHIRSCH: Because I feel like it was kind of a relatively simple, like plot line I guess and like a relatively simple story, but they told it in such a unique and like over the top way, and it was just like, “Yes, this is what cinema should be.” It was so good.  

MEGAN BARNES: Any other favorite winners, biggest snubs, Maybe even?

JESSICA DANINHIRSCH: I do think that Stephanie Hsu should have won best supporting actress. I love Jamie Lee Curtis. I think she’s an amazing actress, but like this movie would not be the same without Stephanie Hsu in that role. 

MEGAN BARNES: And it was just. Like just a whole like commentary on just how the Oscars work in the system and things like I, I was so angry. Yeah. And like Angela Bassett’s face. 

FATIMA YAZDI: I was just going to say that, on that note, all over my Twitter feed, it was like Angela Bassett. I saw, what are what’s your guys’s thoughts on her reaction? I just am curious because I saw a lot of people being like, ‘Oh my God. Like I feel for her like my sister,’ like I understand. But then some people are like no one likes the look of a sore loser. Like, that’s not classy. I think it was very fitting. 

MEGAN BARNES: And it wasn’t that bad. Like she just didn’t clap. 

FATIMA YAZDI: Yeah, I think like. I don’t know if it was like if this was confirmed, but like I’d understand, because of the nature of her role in the movie, like she was like maybe mourning the loss of like Chadwick Boseman and like a lot of people were talking about that. So I was like, I don’t think she’s a sore loser. I think this is appropriate. 

SOFIA APPOLONIO: I think it’s why are we trying to police people’s emotions? You lost a major award, that for this entire season, people were saying you were the front runner for, like, you’re excited. Everyone’s rooting for you. It wasn’t just her losing. I felt like so many of us kind of lost when she lost. Like we were all so excited. You know, I think that she was snubbed for What’s Love Got To Do With It.

MEGAN BARNES: Let’s talk about the war movies that keep winning. And like All QuietAll Quiet on the Western Front was like sneaking up on everyone and winning all of these awards. 

SOFIA APPOLONIO: One I know like the original won best picture, I think in 1930. So just seeing and nominated again. I’m like we’ve we’ve been down this road before like what the year we were celebrating this original cinema and this mov– this genre movie that’s winning all the awards. It’s like, “Oh, great.” The war film remake is also like the second front runner. This is kind of an eye roll moment, like the academy wants to move forward and then it still continues to prioritize– I’m sure it’s a great film, but is it anything that we haven’t seen before? 

MEGAN BARNES: Jimmy Kimmel hosted like yet again he hosts, like every single one, and he made several mentions to the slap last year. Do we think that’s tacky? Do we think that’s in poor taste? Do we think that it was necessary? 

JESSICA DANINHIRSCH: I feel like since he is like a comedian, you know, sure he like could mention it once and or twice at the most. I feel like and like, you know, people would get it. But like after a while it definitely it gets old. Especially cause I feel like a lot of people thought that like this year’s Oscars was like such a, like, happier environment. 

FATIMA YAZDI: I feel like people have kind of moved on from it. I feel like they, like Jada [Pinkett-Smith] and Will [Smith] like made an effort to like just kind of move on. 

MEGAN BARNES: That’s another thing I wanted to touch on. She [Ruth Carter] is the only Black woman to ever win two Oscars, which is, just crazy to me and Halle Berry is still the only Black woman to win the Best Actress award, and that was back in 2002. And so it’s just crazy to me. Like Michelle Yeoh like, broke barriers as being like the first Asian woman to win the– But but it’s like happening in 2023 when it’s been around for 95 years, so. 

FATIMA YAZDI: As crazy as it as it is like, I feel like I can’t say that I’m surprised because I feel like every year, I feel like the Oscars is honestly just known for sometimes, like not giving credit where it’s due and like a lot of minority like actors and POC actors and actresses are just like pushed out when they they very much like deserve the award, which is also why I was so happy with the results on Everything Everywhere, All at Once. Like I was very happy to see that the movie got the credit that it deserved and people were celebrating that. So as crazy as that is, I can’t say I’m like, super shocked, cause it’s the Oscars. 

MICHELLE YEOH: All the little boys and girls who look like me watching tonight. This is the beacon of hope and possibilities. This is proof that dreams dream big and dreams do come true. And ladies, don’t let anybody tell you you are ever past your prime. Never give up. 

JESSICA DANINHIRSCH: Well, these were like best picture. So I watched The Banshees of Inisherin and like that was good, but like I definitely did not see that as like best picture worthy. I think Colin Farrell did amazing. 

MEGAN BARNES: I was going to say, yeah. 

JESSICA DANINHIRSCH: But like the story was like kind of weird, a little bit like not confusing, but like it was just kind of like, I don’t know, it was a weird storyline, kind of graphic– 

MEGAN BARNES: Are you knocking my culture? 

JESSICA DANINHIRSCH: I thought it was cool and like I loved the like you know, the scenery and like the cause like Ireland is just so beautiful. And I loved like seeing that on like a big screen, but like, I was like, oh, is this best picture worthy, I’m not so sure. 

SOFIA APPOLONIO: With this picture nominees, I don’t want to be like, film bro, it’s like, Oh no one’s seen this film. Why is it nominated? Why is it nominated over this one? But I genuinely have no recollection of Women Talking before the nominations for Best Picture came out. 

MEGAN BARNES: Wasn’t that it? Wasn’t that all it was nominated for? 

SOFIA APPOLONIO: Well it was best picture and then it won adapted screenplay, but I had not heard anything about it before it got nominated. And I was. I was. I was surprised. I also have a bit of a grievance with the makeup, with the makeup, that won. 

MEGAN BARNES: I did too. Was it … who won? 


MEGAN BARNES: That’s– I was. I was like. You’re winning makeup for a fat suit? 

SOFIA APPOLONIO: I just think compared to the makeup and Everything Everywhere, All at Once, it’s just not comparable. I don’t know, does the Academy love fat suits? 

MEGAN BARNES: I also I was like cause then I was literally pulling up photos of like the looks in Everything Everywhere All at Once and was like her hair is in a circle and braids and like she has like the crazy like eye makeup and stuff like that. I was also really upset because I was like, why are you getting an Oscar for making a really realistic fat suit as opposed to just hiring someone that, like, actually looks like that. And you know for that sort of representation, but yeah, yeah. 

JESSICA DANINHIRSCH: I thought Elvis would have gotten that one because like it showed the entire like progression of his life. So they had to make Austin Butler look different ages, not just like, you know, different styles, which was also like they did very well. But like they had to show them up as like a like a teenager, like not teenager but like, in his 20s or something and then up until like his like 60s. 

MEGAN BARNES: Younger, yeah. 

JESSICA DANINHIRSCH: And like I think. That they did a really great job with that. It’s just showing like that progression I I feel like that could have been a winner.


JESSICA DANINHIRSCH: Top Gun: Maverick was there, was nominated for–

MEGAN BARNES: It was there. 

JESSICA DANINHIRSCH: OK, but like I. Yeah, I’m a huge 80s fan. So like I watched Top Gun ma– or the first Top Gun like the day before I watched Top Gun: Maverick and then I was like blown away with like how like it was really well done and like it was a really good movie. But like some of the things that it was nominated for, I was like “Interesting take.” 

SOFIA APPOLONIO: Oh my gosh, I was. So glad that they put all  categories back in the broadcast this year. I mean, I like I remember last year they had, like the best fan favorite movie [Best Cheer Moment Award] and, do you do you remember it was like the Justice League, right? 

MEGAN BARNES: Justice League rights.

SOFIA APPOLONIO: They gave Zack Snyder like an award. I was just really glad. 

MEGAN BARNES: No, I liked that too. 

SOFIA APPOLONIO: Yeah everyone, because the movie it’s it’s a product of so many people and it’s not just the actors. It’s not just the face. It’s like makeup and lighting and sound. And I love that everyone kind of— 

MEGAN BARNES: And editing was another good one. OK. Should we move on to fashion? 

FATIMA YAZDI: I will say overall, I think we saw a lot of interesting looks. I picked up on a lot of like trends. I feel like we saw a lot of sheer-like materials, a lot of like see through and I saw like a New York Times article that pointed out how many deep cut dresses that there were, which I think is also interesting because I don’t know if this is a placebo or if this is really a thing. But people have been picking up on the fact that, in recent, just award ceremonies and just on red carpets in the past few months, necklaces have become a lot less common, and so I was like, is that a nod to that–

MEGAN BARNES: Yeah, I noticed that.

FATIMA YAZDI: –like we’re not doing necklaces anymore? Like the Décollete area is just like its own fashion. 

JESSICA DANINHIRSCH: Janelle Monáe as number one, and I agree, because that was so like, Oh my gosh. Like the contrast between the orange and the black and like and like the the shape of the skirt was like so pretty it just like it had a lot of like movement, I guess it was so cool. 

MEGAN BARNES: Janelle Monáe was in, a black strapless deep cut. Kind of looks like a velvety kind of top with like a black choker and a gem kind of in the middle and then this, not like a bright orange, it’s kind of like a Nickelodeon symbol orange, but like tasteful. And it, like, swoops and it goes down— She looks so good. 

JESSICA DANINHIRSCH: Ana de Armas, close to the top. Pretty much anything that she wears is gorgeous because she’s gorgeous, but also like the dress, very much fit her role that she was nominated for because it was very like old Hollywood. I thought it was so pretty, those are my top two. 

MEGAN BARNES: Like blonde got nothing else other than Ana de Armas. 

SOFIA APPOLONIO: I have to disagree about Ana De Armas. I’m sorry I thought —


SOFIA APPOLONIO: I thought the color of the dress washed her out, I think she’s so beautiful, but I felt like maybe a pink or a darker red would have looked better on her. Gosh, who else am I thinking of? 

MEGAN BARNES: I think Cara Delevingne looked really good too. 

SOFIA APPOLONIO: Very old Hollywood glamour, and I loved that. I thought that no one took a lot of risks on the carpet, and I kind of appreciated that because I’ve seen a few risks recently and it’s it hasn’t hit and I think people were safe for the Oscars, and I really like that. My favorite look of the night, I think was Tems. 

MEGAN BARNES: I was hoping we would talk about that, yeah. 

SOFIA APPOLONIO: I love the movement in the silhouette of the outfit and it kind of reminded me a bit of the of like an Iris van Herpen outfit, and I loved it. I thought it looked beautiful. The carpet looked beautiful with her skin color. She was best dressed for me. 

MEGAN BARNES: I also liked for the men, Paul Mescal in the white suit with like the boot cut pants. 

SOFIA APPOLONIO: Did you see Harry Shum Jr.’s outfit? 

MEGAN BARNES: He looked good. Yeah, he had, like, the white suit. And then he had kind of like a thing tied around his waist, he looked really good. 

FATIMA YAZDI: I thought Lenny Kravitz came looking like themselves and I thought it was like, a cool look for men like.  

MEGAN BARNES: Yeah, Lenny Kravitz looks cool with, yeah.  

FATIMA YAZDI: Yeah, I will say I don’t. You know, I like her. So I don’t want to say worst dressed, but I wasn’t obsessed with Salma Hayek’s dress. It was like this glittery something in between a red and an orange skin tight dress. I just think she’s so stunning, and I think it took away a little bit from her look and just not obsessed with, not obsessed with what was going on there. 

MEGAN BARNES: Yeah I don’t know if I have a worst dressed because I never hate anything. I’ll say Jamie Lee Curtis’s dress also didn’t really look that good, not to be a Jamie Lee hater. I loved her in Freaky Friday, but I just. 

SOFIA APPOLONIO: It looked cheap, like I can’t explain something about the sequins and the cut. It looked it it didn’t look tailored. It looked very much, she pulled it out of her closet, which is very Jamie Lee, pulling it out of your closet. But I mean, I feel like for the for the Oscars, for the carpet. I expected something more. 


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