With midterm season fast approaching, the amount of schoolwork can often be difficult and overwhelming. It can be hard to balance studying and self-care. Here are five important tips to help you do so. 

Get enough sleep

Studying can sometimes get the best you when schoolwork seems to takes up every waking moment. However, getting a good nights sleep is just as important. Although an all-nighter might sometimes feel like the best option for cramming in a lot of information, it will end up doing more harm than good. Getting sufficient rest will be much better preparation for your exam. Sleep deprivation hurts your focus and as the night goes on, you’ll end up finding it consistently harder to remember what you need to know. 

Prioritize your time

Prioritize your time, and start as early as possible. Although it may sound cliché, this advice is possibly the most important. With the amount of classes many students have to balance, assignments and tests can feel like they’re quickly piling up. Getting a jump on your day is one way to help reduce some of the stress that accompanies overlapping deadlines. Try starting  your harder assignments earlier, and incorporating your other work in as you go. Having assignments at least started will help motivate you to keep going. Your time is valuable, so make sure to organize your schedule as best as you can. 

Take breaks

Large amounts of work can sometimes make you feel like there’s no time to breathe and recuperate. After a few hours, study sessions can start to feel unproductive once it gets harder to consistently focus. Try taking a few moments to help clear your head. The most effective way to do this would be planning out timed breaks after a set amount of time. That way, you’ll have something to look forward to and will be prepared once it’s time to start working again. 

Set realistic goals

Comparing yourself to your peers is a feeling that often comes alongside exam season. Nobody is perfect, and putting even more pressure on yourself to achieve perfection is not helpful. Additionally, trying to cram tons of assignments and studying into a short amount of time will inevitably be overwhelming. Set goals and plan your schedule realistically. Comparing your study habits and grades with other students will not help you accomplish your goals. Just try your best; that’s all you need to ask of yourself. 

Ask for help

You’re not expected to handle everything perfectly on your own. Asking for help can oftentimes be scary, but it will end up benefiting you. There are so many resources available to everyone, probably more than you are even aware of. So, reach out to your classmates, friends and professors if you need help with your work. The people around you want you to succeed, and they will certainly be willing to help you do so.