The season finale of The Real Housewives of Potomac premiered Feb. 5. For a season that was filled with drama, the finale proved to be quite lackluster. Season seven of Potomac was filled with explosive fights, a trip to Miami, drinks thrown at people and allegations of Chris Bassett, Candiace Dillard’s husband, being inappropriate with castmates. With all of that, the season finale failed to live up to its previous episodes. 

The episode opens with Ashley Darby and her “divorce” chronicles. Her divorce from Michael Darby has been a conversation topic throughout the whole season. In this episode we find out that while they are still going through the divorce, they are buying a house together. The house’s mortgage is $13,000 per month, and Ashley has admitted she cannot afford that price tag on her own.  

While Ashley is still trying to figure out the intricacies of her divorce, Karen is informed about some tea that was spilled by Charisse. Apparently, Charisse was spreading rumors about Karen at a bachelorette party, saying Karen went missing and was found having sex with a bartender in the bathroom.  

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While all of that is occurring with the other housewives, Robyn is knee deep in planning her wedding to her ex-husband Juan. Robyn’s original plan was to have her wedding in Jamaica with just her, Juan and their boys. She did not even want her parents to attend their wedding. However, plans changed. They ended up getting married in an intimate ceremony in Maryland with the help of a friend who owns multiple wedding venues. It was later revealed at the end of the episode that Juan was communicating with another woman months before the wedding in an inappropriate way. 

The climax of the show is Candiace’s video release party for her music video, “Insecure” featuring Trina. While being at the video release party, the other housewives bring up the rumors that were brought up about Karen being a prostitute and sleeping with a blue-eyed mystery man. After that drama dissolved, Ashley thought it was appropriate to address Chris, Candiace’s husband, about the allegations of his inappropriate behavior toward her friend, which was proven to be untrue by video evidence from Bravo. Chris blew up at Ashley and had to walk away. 

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Toward the end of the episode we find out Ashley moves into her apartment with her kids. Candiace went on a five-city tour for her album Deep Space. Karen is continuing her show An Evening with the Grande Dame and taking it to five major cities. Gizelle is making a full recovery from her health issues that were addressed on the show. 

Mia and her husband have been experiencing some financial instability, and Wendy is making sure that going forward, her health is the number one priority. The only thing we really got in this season finale was a slight blow up between Chris and Ashley and Robyn’s wedding. For the season finale, I really thought it would give more when it comes to tea being spilled and shade being thrown, but the season finale really dropped the ball.