In today’s age of music streaming, the possibilities are endless. New genres are emerging and artists reinvent themselves, the most well-known modern example is Taylor Swift. The listening experience is no longer limited to genres —  think playlists about feelings, moods and vibes. 

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone and branching out to different types of music is fun, but knowing where to start can be overwhelming. 

Diamondback staff members curated playlist “starter packs” that explore different corners of the music world. Check out other features such as a video featuring student interviews about their music taste and some data on what the University of Maryland community listens to. 

The content does not represent all the genres that exist. But in simple terms — we want to share music with you – and hopefully, you’ll find a tune that hits you with a shot of dopamine. Happy listening! 


  • Warning: Some songs in the playlists may include explicit content.


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– Monica Godnick, project editor