The University of Maryland’s fall 2022 freshman class comprises more Black or African American students and more Asian students than last year’s class, according to new data released by the university’s institutional research, planning and assessment office.

The number of Black or African American students increased 18 percent compared with last year’s class. The number of Asian freshmen rose 16 percent. Meanwhile, the number of Hispanic students declined by about 4 percent.

[Hispanic freshman enrollment at UMD jumped to a four-year high this fall]

The freshman class, which comprises 4,742 students, is smaller than that of fall 2021. The class is about 36 percent white, while last year’s fall class was about 44 percent white.

The freshman class is 28 percent Asian, 12 percent Black or African American and 9 percent Hispanic. About 4 percent of the class is two or more races, and nearly 4 percent are identified as “Foreign” in the data.