The University of Maryland Department of Resident Life said it will prioritize quarantine and isolation housing for “on-campus students who cannot reasonably travel home” in an email Wednesday.

The email follows the university’s announcement that the Spring 2022 semester will begin in-person and as scheduled on Jan. 24, with additional testing and vaccine requirements in an attempt to curb spikes of on-campus covid cases.

Only residents who live far enough from campus to where they can’t return home unless by train or plane may request on-campus quarantine or isolation, the email said, so long as there is space available.

“We have learned over time that most students prefer to isolate and quarantine at home where they are more comfortable,” the email said.

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Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines, students who test positive or are required to quarantine due to COVID exposure are not allowed to isolate in their on-campus residence. Instead, the email “strongly recommend[ed]” students to return to their “permanent home to isolate”.

The email also outlined pre-arrival covid testing and vaccine requirements for the spring semester, spring move-in details, on-campus face covering requirements and winter welcome events.

“We care about you and we want you to be aware so you can prepare now and develop your plans for how you will isolate or quarantine at home or in a place that is comfortable and supportive for you, should the need arise” the email said.