The University of Maryland’s Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life placed a cease and desist on the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity this month, in addition to suspending their recognition on campus, according to a statement from the university.

The actions followed sexual assault allegations against a Pi Kappa Alpha affiliate last month.

The cease and desist, which the university issued Oct. 1, requires the fraternity to suspend all chapter-sponsored events, including any philanthropy, service work, social events and intramural participation. The designation is different from a social moratorium, which only requires suspension of “chapter-sponsored social events and activities where alcohol is present,” according to the university statement.

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The suspension end date hasn’t been determined. Future outcomes for the fraternity include returning to good standing, being placed on probationary recognition and completing certain sanctions or having their recognition revoked.

This university’s Pi Kappa Alpha chapter President Micah Kranzel did not respond to a request for comment.