The University of Maryland has lifted its yearlong pandemic-prompted hiring freeze for critical and essential faculty and staff on Friday, according to a campuswide email.

The pandemic has bruised the university with its largest financial crisis to date, according to the email signed by administrators. But the university is in a better financial position that it was in fall 2020, the email read. 

Still, it may take several years to address the long-term financial prospects for university services, according to the email. 

A hiring freeze on all university staff and faculty was instituted in April 2020 to limit the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the university’s budget, which included a loss of about $46.3 million in state funding. The university also faced restrictions on tuition and fees and “mandated investments” in remote learning and teleworking. 

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The university has used measures such as base budget cuts, energy and travel savings and deferred maintenance and renovation projects to soften the blow, according to the email. 

But there’s still ongoing economic uncertainty nationwide, the email reads. 

“While FY22 is now looking better than previously anticipated, the loss of recurring base funds in FY21 will have a significant impact on our ability to carry out our mission going forward,” the email read.