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Because virtual orientation won’t allow you to meet fellow freshmen in person before school starts, camaraderie might be harder to come by. But this doesn’t mean you can’t still meet your future peers. 

In some ways, connecting online might even be easier. You’ll have to actively reach out, which, granted, can be scary. But every rising freshman out there is in a similar situation.

While the idea of video chatting with strangers can be daunting, “Zooming” with your peers will help you get to know people better. And if you can’t stand the awkwardness of sitting and talking, there are plenty of other things you can do instead. 

Watch movies and TV shows

Zoom has a feature that allows hosts to share their screens and audio. Naturally, social distancing has most of us in binge-watching mode — why not re-watch old classics or start new shows with your soon-to-be classmates?

Connect for a virtual workout 

Get a a preview of what it’ll be like to go to Eppley Recreation Center with a workout buddy. Find or create a quarantine-friendly exercise routine and turn on Zoom so new friends can work up a sweat alongside you.

Play multiplayer games online

2020 has been turbulent, but there is some good news: Club Penguin is back. Technically, this version is a remake of the game, but it comes with all of its premium features free of charge. Just because you can’t go outside doesn’t mean you can’t go sled-racing or practice jiujitsu.

Many popular board games have found new homes online as well. is an online Pictionary game, and has Crazy Eights, Checkers, Go Fish and more.