The University of Maryland reopened the portal for students to opt for a letter grade until May 31, after initially closing it on May 12, according to a campuswide email sent Thursday from Provost Mary Ann Rankin.

Under the pass/fail system adopted for undergraduates and the satisfactory/fail system adopted for graduate students in March, students had to decide whether they wanted to receive a letter grade before finals. But after learning about students’ concerns, the university decided to extend the deadline, Rankin wrote. 

The website for choosing the grade will reopen Friday at noon, and it will close May 31. Students who are satisfied with their choices do not need to make any changes.

“Over the past several months many people have worked hard, adjusting the University’s operating systems and policies to our unexpected and evolving circumstances,” Rankin wrote. “We have continuously reevaluated these efforts in order to be as supportive as possible and to strengthen your academic experience.”

A “pass” will not have an effect on GPA, count toward GPA-based honors or interfere with a student’s eligibility for financial aid.

Rankin also wrote that final transcripts and diplomas will likely be delayed due to the extension.