Every year, we dedicate a special edition of The Diamondback to commemorating our graduating seniors: where they’ve been, what they’ve seen and who they’ve become. Click here for the PDF version of the 2020 edition or scroll down to see our stories honoring the past four years at the University of Maryland.

Class, community and chicken tenders: UMD seniors reflect on their time in college

By Clara Niel

Seniors reflect on a tragic and tumultuous four years at UMD

By Christine Condon and Lyna Bentahar

An ode to College Park’s restaurants past

By Alex Murphy

“Tears your heart out”: UMD seniors in band and cheer grieve premature end to final season

By Eric Neugeboren

“A tough call”: How two senior spring athletes are figuring out their futures

By David Suggs

The ten best Maryland athletics moments for the senior class

By Alexander Dacy

A look back at seven protests that defined the past four years

By Connor Senay

UMD seniors lost a lot of their final semester. Here’s what they wanted to do with it.

By Anastasia Marks