There are absolutely no rules when it comes to dressing while in social isolation. Fashion do’s and don’ts? Societal expectations? Throw them all out the window. The consequences of fashion risks are scarce in quarantine, or “the Q,” as I like to call it. No one is going to judge your clothing choices — except maybe your mother. Your home should feel like a judgement-free zone, perfect for experimentation. And, from personal experience, playing dress-up is a fabulous way to pass the time.

Since many of us are housebound, there’s really no reason to put on presentable clothes. I’m either in the same outfit for days on end, or I’m wearing the craziest mishmash of clothes imaginable. So I decided to capture a few classic quarantine outfits to show some solidarity with the fact that we are all going slightly nuts.

1. Go-to outfit

Audrey Decker/For The Diamondback

Sweats on sweats is a staple while quarantining. It’s easy, comfortable and versatile. This fit is perfect for almost every activity: making food, bingeing hours of TV, reading the news, moving from your bed to the couch or simply pondering your purpose for existing. There’s nothing better than a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

Hopefully, you have a few pairs of comfy sweats, because these clothes are probably going to get a lot of use. There’s nothing wrong with wearing this every day — it’s important to give yourself a break during this stressful time. If you look like a blob most days, it’s okay. I promise you that a lot of the world looks like one too.

2. Zoom meeting outfit

Audrey Decker/For The Diamondback

If you do happen to have an online class or Zoom meeting, throw on a sweater and a pair of blue light glasses (or your real glasses), and you’ll look ready for business. It’s okay to keep on the same sweatpants because, from Zoom’s waist-up perspective, you’re prepared. This second outfit is comfy but still ready for the grind.

Being at home can make you feel unproductive. While we shouldn’t overly stress about productivity in quarantine, it can help to throw on a clean shirt or sweater before you tackle schoolwork or any kind of assignment.

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3. Grocery store outfit

Audrey Decker/For The Diamondback

Likely the only outfit you wear in public, your grocery store fit is crucial. There’s less emphasis on the actual clothing and more on the protective gear. Gloves, mask, goggles, full-on hazmat suit — you can’t be over prepared. It’s a war zone out there. With hand sanitizer at the ready, this is how I look rolling up to Trader Joe’s. When you do need to leave the house, please suit up for your safety and for the safety of others. This outfit is both functional and fashionable.

4. Taking out the trash outfit

Audrey Decker/For The Diamondback

If you’re really bored in quarantine, start dressing up for random activities. Want to wear your prom dress to take out the trash? Anything goes! You might even get a little boost of confidence when you see yourself out of the typical sweats.

No one expects you to wear a dress while taking out the trash. Maybe you just want someone to acknowledge you, even if it’s from afar. There’s a certain thrill to walking outside your house dressed up. Who will see me looking this fabulous? The neighbors? The occasional dog walker? I just want to feel something.

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5. Making a TikTok outfit

Audrey Decker/For The Diamondback

It seems like everyone’s making TikToks while in social isolation. The app is a great way to combat boredom. And who says you can’t be the new Charli D’Amelio? Typically, an e-boy or e-girl on TikTok is clad in chains, a turtleneck and overall skater-ish style. Flip on your multicolored lights and practice those moves! While I have yet to successfully master a TikTok dance, I think my outfit is pretty on point.

6. Late-night outfit

Audrey Decker/For The Diamondback

POV: It’s late at night, and you’re looking in the fridge for a snack. Suddenly, you look at the microwave and realize it’s 4 a.m. You have no concept of time because you’re in the same place for all hours of the day and night. What is up? What is down? 4 a.m. is the new 11 p.m. You have no idea what you are wearing, but it’s most likely wack. And that’s okay. “Everything will eventually be okay,” you say to yourself as you bring your snack up to your room and prepare for another day in the Q.