I’ve seen the “miss the homies” memes hundreds of times across social media platforms at this point. Right now, everyone is missing their homies — including me. If you aren’t lucky enough to be quarantined with siblings or anyone close in age, social distancing can be tough. People are looking at their phones now more than ever to find ways of socializing and entertainment. 

Gaming was never really a big part of my life. I enjoyed Webkinz and Club Penguin growing up, but that was about it. However, these past few weeks I’ve been downloading games on my phone nonstop. A lot of them are free and have multiplayer features. If you’re searching for a way to have fun with your friends while apart, look no further than the App Store.

Here are a few of the apps that have been getting me through my boredom and lack of human interaction. 

  1. Psych! Outwit Your Friends (free)

I cannot recommend Psych! enough. Essentially, you choose a category and players make up answers to trivia questions. The goal is to figure out the real answer among the fakes. You get points for guessing the right answer or fooling your friends into choosing yours. This always leaves my friends laughing, and it feels like a real game, not just another app.

  1. Words With Friends 2 (free)

Words With Friends is a classic — yet addicting — game for your iPhone or Android. It’s essentially Scrabble, but Words With Friends 2 adds new elements to the game like a Solo Challenge, playing against a virtual “WordMaster,” or Lightning Round, where you can play on a team of up to five players on fast mode. This classic word game doesn’t get old, and it’s great for all ages. 

  1. Mario Kart Tour (free)

If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch, this app will fill your Mario Kart void. You have to set up a Nintendo account first, but the app lets you race against up to seven other players. After you win a few rounds on your own you unlock the “Friends” option, aka multiplayer. Play with your friends if you want a quick Nintendo fix — who doesn’t love a little Mario Kart action?

  1. UNO (free)

I grew up playing UNO with my siblings, so I was pumped to discover the classic card game is available via app and has multiplayer functions. On the app, you can play Classic Mode or explore other features like tournaments, play with a teammate in 2v2 mode or add new rules to the game. There’s also text and talk functions on the app, so you can talk to your friends while playing. It’s a fun and easy way to pass the time and another game great for all ages. 

  1. Minecraft ($6.99)

My little brother has always played Minecraft, but he’s been playing it a lot more the past few weeks. Since I’ve been home, I’ve watched and learned, and it’s truly an amazing game. While the app is $6.99, the price is worth it. You can build anything you can think of, explore worlds, find resources and play in a creative or survival mode. It’s great for the imagination, and you can connect with friends on the same server. 

  1. Trivia Crack 2 (free)

I used to play Trivia Crack a few years ago when it was all the rage, but amid my boredom, I recently redownloaded it. The new app, Trivia Crack 2, has an updated interface with a lot more questions. My family members of all different ages love Trivia Crack. And it’s not a brain dead activity — I feel like I learn something while playing this game. It’s highly competitive (at least between my family members), and it’s lots of fun.