The University of Maryland SGA announced Tuesday that two parties — Forward Maryland and Impact UMD — will be running in the spring 2020 election to serve during next school year.

Forward Maryland’s ticket lists 37 executive and legislative candidates, with junior marketing major Dan Alpert running for president. Impact UMD lists 24 candidates, with junior public health science major Kelly Sherman running for president. 

Three students are set to run independently for legislative seats. 

Below is a full list of the candidates on each ticket and the positions they are running for. Candidates will begin campaigning on Wednesday, April 15, in anticipation of the election, which will be held online from April 22 to April 24. 


Forward Maryland 

Dan Alpert – Student Body President 

Nabila Prasetiawan – Vice President 

Kane Zambelli – Chief Financial Officer 

Calvin Burns – Engineering Representative 

Maria Malishev – Engineering Representative 

Nathan Boyle – Undergraduate Studies Representative 

Gabrielle Coleman – Undergraduate Studies Representative 

Mahmud Cole – Information Studies Representative 

Argen Detoito – Computer, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences Representative 

Nicholas Larosa – Computer, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences Representative 

Peter Marston – Computer, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences Representative 

Nistha Mitra – Computer, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences Representative 

Chloe Dinman – Public Policy Representative 

Emily Golub – Public Health Representative 

Winter Hawk – Journalism Representative 

Hunter Petit – Business Representative 

Matthew Ober – Arts and Humanities Representative 

Danielle Simon – Education Representative 

Claire Niggel – Behavioral and Social Sciences Representative 

Rebecca Spillane – Behavioral and Social Sciences Representative 

Alexa White – Architecture, Planning, and Preservation Representative 

Tram Vo – Cambridge Representative 

Melinda Chen – Courtyards Representative 

Ayzhan Murphy – Denton Representative 

Nyah Stewart – Ellicott Representative 

Alessandra Makris – Greek Residential Representative

Shiva Vjayaverl – Leonardtown Representative 

Matthew Johnson – North Hill Representative

Paul Celius – Off-Campus Neighboring Representative 

Atara Kahn – Off-Campus Neighboring Representative 

Seung Yeon Lee – Off-Campus Neighboring Representative 

Paul Celius – Off-Campus Outlying Representative

Machelino Putro – Off-Campus Outlying Representative 

Alexandra Sytnikova – Off-Campus Outlying Representative 

Cindy Vo – Off-Campus Outlying Representative 

Matthew Vedrin – Off-Campus Outlying Representative 

Kenyatta Thomas – South Campus Commons Representative 

Kislay Parashar – South Hill Representative 


Impact UMD 

Kelly Sherman – Student Body President 

David Rekhtman – Vice President 

Simran Chertara – Chief Financial Officer

Ashley Hawkins – Engineering Representative 

Amisha Kunvar – Engineering Representative 

Melissa Digiorgio – Undergraduate Studies Representative

Seungtaek Oh – Computer, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences Representative 

Joshua Steighner – Computer, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences Representative 

Elizabeth LoBello – Public Policy Representative 

Jasmine Boykin – Journalism Representative 

Aaron Kutz – Business Representative 

Jeannie Spiegel – Business Representative 

Sarah Cobau – Arts and Humanities Representative 

Philemon Kendzierski – Behavioral and Social Sciences Representative 

Ross Ward – Behavioral and Social Sciences Representative

Lauren Frost – Courtyards Representative 

Taylorann Vibert – Denton Representative 

Sophie Minsk – Greek Residential Representative 

Mitchell Abes – Off-Campus Neighboring Representative 

Michael Mareno – Off-Campus Neighboring Representative 

Elijah Alvarado – Off-Campus Outlying Representative 

Dini Khiangte – Off-Campus Outlying Representative 

Gabrielle Aarons – South Campus Commons Representative 

Jasmine Liberius – South Hill Representative 



Kimberly Eade – Behavioral and Social Sciences Representative 

Eleanor McGuire – Behavioral and Social Sciences Representative 

Josie Gomez – Architecture, Planning, and Preservation Representative

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story misstated Kenyatta Thomas’ name. This story has been updated.