Supporters not only packed the streets, but occupied the rooftops along the parade route during the parade in downtown Washington D.C. on November 2, 2019.  (Evan Kramer/The Diamondback)
As first baseman Ryan Zimmerman and manager Dave Martinez’s bus drove by the parade crowd, confetti cannons showered the crowd in red. (Evan Kramer/The Diamondback)
Nats fans secured vantage spots — such as this one, in front of the Federal Trade Commission building — hours before the parade’s 2 pm official start time. (Evan Kramer/The Diamondback)
Streamers showed Zimmerman and Martinez in confetti as they wielded the World Series championship trophy to the reveling fans.  (Evan Kramer/The Diamondback)
Metro stations, like Gallery Place-Chinatown (shown here), were packed with Nats fans getting to and from the parade. (Evan Kramer/The Diamondback)