Homecoming weekend is just over a week away, and you still haven’t gotten your look together. You’ve seen loads of cool tailgate gear on your classmates, but have no clue where to buy your own. No worries — we’ve got you covered with six places to shop for trendy tailgate attire.

Shirts By Soph

Shirts by Soph is an online shop with the goal of combining fashion and school spirit. It features customized T-shirts and sweatshirts and options for male tailgaters as well.

Unlike the tube tops and halter tops we typically see during homecoming weekend, these pieces feature repeated logos and designs inspired by band merchandise or the popular PLAY logo by Comme des Garçons. Shirts by Soph also does customized orders and bulk custom orders for student organizations.

College Label

Inspired by the popular (or should I say “notorious”) Gucci monogram tees and sweatshirts, the College Label shop on Etsy specializes in tees and sweatshirts of college teams stylized in the same Gucci design. These luxury-inspired logos are quite different from the tailgate norms and allow fans to express their individuality with a uniquely designed shirt.

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Custom University 1

New York-based Custom University 1 has been on Etsy since 2017 and has proven to be quite popular, with nearly 900 sales. The shop sells customized tube tops, sweatshirts, halter tops and cutout crop tops for any team.

In addition to the tube tops and cutout tops we’re used to seeing at tailgates, this shop also has shirts with long plaid sleeves for a more trucker-inspired look. Paired with some cute combat boots or booties, you’d have a great outfit that doesn’t compromise on your warmth.

Tailgate Tailor

Tailgate Tailor, based in Belmar, New Jersey, is another Etsy shop dedicated to college tailgate apparel. With a wide selection of styles and designs — including lace-up tube tops and daisy-lined halters — the store features pieces that match the typical tailgate aesthetic seen on a Maryland game day with a twist.

Some of their designs are particularly unique, such as their fringed tube top, lace-up tube top, lace-up halter top and customized varsity cheer skirts. They even have customized flannels for those colder game days. This shop is ideal for those who love the current game day looks but want to add a little edge or individuality.

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Oh My Tailgate

The Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based, Oh My Tailgate, features five customizable tailgate top designs that they apply to tees from any team. Designs include a side-tie tube top, drawstring cropped tee, bardot top, basic tube tops and halter tops. If you’re someone who gets overwhelmed by too many options, this shop is perfect for you — since they specialize in custom orders, you don’t have to spend hours scrolling to figure out which of their pieces best fits your style.

Tailgate Jackets Co.

Tailgate Jackets Co. is not your average tailgate fashion Etsy shop. Unlike the aforementioned shops, this store specializes in customized denim jackets. The shop features white denim as well as dark and light wash denim. Fans can choose from the selection of hand-painted jacket designs featured or select the 100 percent custom denim jacket option. This is a great way to spice up your homecoming game outfit — honestly, we don’t see denim jackets being customized as spirit wear often enough, even though it’s such a cool and edgy way to add a different flavor to your fit.

Although all these stores sell spirit wear, they offer different deals on pricing, customization options, bundles and shipping. Considering the fact that most homecoming attendees will be adorned in some spirit gear of the same color, it’d be best to spend some time thinking of how you can individualize your look by incorporating your own personal style. Try adding some cool combat boots, a customized denim jacket, statement jewelry or a bold pattern into your outfit and see how you can express school spirit without losing your individuality.