Since starting an investigation into Salmonella outbreaks in late September, the Maryland Department of Health has confirmed 13 cases of the bacterial infection in the University of Maryland community, the University Health Center wrote in a campuswide email Thursday.

The last time someone reported an onset of symptoms was Sept. 20, according to the email. In most cases, the infection was traced to hummus from Moby Dick House of Kabob, a Persian chain with an independently-owned location in Stamp Student Union’s food court.

The health department began its investigation on Sept. 26, after five people at this university — and nine in the state — contracted the infection, then-health center director David McBride wrote in an email Sept. 27. Eight of the nine people reported consuming Moby Dick hummus before before experiencing symptoms.

The restaurant chain voluntarily suspended hummus sales in response to the outbreak, McBride wrote. The restaurant was approved to resume manufacturing hummus on Oct. 4.

While the outbreak has been traced to Moby Dick, the University Health Center still encouraged the campus community to reach out to a health care provider if they experience diarrhea, blood in their stool, abdominal discomfort or fever.