There has been no air conditioning in five University of Maryland academic buildings since Monday due to a broken chilled water line located outside Marie Mount Hall.

The buildings affected are Chincoteague, Francis Scott Key, Skinner, Tydings and Taliaferro halls, according to a statement from this university’s Facilities Management, sent by a university spokesperson Friday morning. The Diamondback has repeatedly requested comment since Tuesday afternoon.

The outage has resulted in unusually hot temperatures in the buildings, which have continued to hold classes during the outage. There was also a damaged casing that surrounds a steam line, shutting off hot water in Skinner, Marie Mount and Woods halls since Monday.

Facilities Management hopes all necessary repairs will be completed by the end of this weekend.

“Facilities Management crews are working diligently,” the statement read. “Given the unseasonably warm temperatures, our priority is to have the air conditioning and other services returned as soon as possible.”

This story will be updated.