Starting July 29, “eduroam” will replace “umd-secure” as the preferred wireless network for University of Maryland students and employees, the Division of Information Technology announced earlier this month.

DIT advised students and employees to set up their connection with eduroam as soon as possible by selecting the network on their devices and authenticating with their UMD email addresses. It directed students and employees to visit the eduroam guide for more information, if needed.

This change brings the university in line with “best practices in higher ed” and aims to improve user experience, increase network efficiency and better accommodate “Internet of things” devices — or, devices that are connected to the Internet and are able to exchange data.

These devices, which include alarm clocks, vending machines and speaker systems, are rapidly increasing on the campus, according to DIT’s email.

“In addition, eduroam offers you the benefit of automatic and secure wireless connectivity when visiting other educational institutions,” DIT wrote.

The “umd-secure” network will no longer be available as of July 29, the division wrote, and the “umd” wireless network will no longer be available starting Aug. 13. The “umd-guest” WiFi will continue to be available for visitor access.