From Wendy’s to MTV to Fenty Beauty — everyone is keen on having a hot girl summer.

Now you might ask: What is a hot girl summer? You may have seen several people caption their beach pictures with “hot girl summer” and some sort of emoji with its tongue out.

But before you can understand what a hot girl summer is, you must know the original hot girl herself: Megan Thee Stallion.

Megan Thee Stallion is one of the biggest rappers at the moment — and on an amazingly swift come-up at that. You might have seen her recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live! performing her smash hit “Big Ole Freak” and the track “Realer” from her latest mixtape Fever. Her effortless moves and simple, yet stunning, costume are indicators of her swagger and showmanship.

I won’t delve into a full-on review of Fever, but I’ll just say that there’s not a bad track on it. If you’re especially hoping to channel your inner hot girl, try “Simon Says” or “Shake That” to get the room dancing.

Megan is also a member of the highly esteemed XXL Freshman List of 2019, a roundup of the most intriguing and promising up-and-coming rappers, and often a reliable indicator of who is soon to break out.

So, now let’s get into the origins of the original hot girl.

“Hotties” are what Megan calls her fans. Megan, a hot girl herself, is the leader and coach of all hot girls. Her tweets often guide people into doing their best to improve their attitude so that they, too, can have a hot girl summer.

The hot girl summer is about not caring what others think and going for what you want — no matter how many hearts you may break in the process.

But let’s get one thing straight: According to Megan, a hot girl is not necessarily someone who is single. Cuffed queens are eligible for hot girl status, too.

Also, hot girl is not synonymous with a “hoe.” While a hot girl may choose to be a hoe on their own time, it is not mandatory. Pre-fame Cardi B once uttered: “a hoe never gets cold” — but as you can see in this video of Megan in Finland, hot girls can, in fact, get cold.

Megan also assures her male fans that they are hot boys, but they are on the same side as the hot girls, rather than competing against each other. The hot girl summer is about focusing on yourself, doing as you please and not worrying about anyone else.

The epitome of peak hot girl activity is the fact that while Megan is sparking trends and elevating her career, she’s still enrolled in college. Hot girls need their education too!

And so, while anyone is technically eligible to enroll in a hot girl summer extravaganza, one must acknowledge the originator of this term and the energy that comes with it. Being a hot girl is like a religion. And one must bow down to THE hot girl: Megan Thee Stallion.