University of Maryland Police responded to reports of assault, theft and telephone/email misuse over the past two weeks, according to daily crime logs.

CDS violations

On Monday just after 11 p.m., University Police responded to Carroll Hall for a CDS violation.

Officers spoke to a male resident of the room and a small amount of marijuana was confiscated to be destroyed, Hoaas wrote.

Both the resident and a female friend, also a student, were referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

Police also responded to two other CDS violations early Friday morning.

Just after midnight, police responded to the first of these violations on University Boulevard.

About 15 minutes later, police responded to another at Lot SS2.

Both calls resulted in arrests, according to daily crime logs.

Telephone/email misuse

On Monday at about 6:15 p.m., University Police responded to the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center for a report of telephone/email misuse.

A male student reported to police that an unknown person was sending him messages on a social media site and trying to extort money in exchange for not sending messages to his friends, Hoaas wrote.

Police would not release the details of the messages, Hoaas wrote.

Police advised the student to contact the social media platforms involved and inform them of the problem, she wrote.

This case is active.

This story and its headline have been updated.