University of Maryland Police responded to an incident involving a knife near Commons 3 early Sunday morning.

Police responded to the domestic-related incident around the Commons 3 courtyard at 12:43 a.m., said spokesperson Sgt. Rosanne Hoaas. Two men and a female student — all of whom knew each other — were walking out of Commons 3 when one of the men became aggressive toward the other, and a fight broke out, Hoaas said.

One of the men displayed a folding knife and threatened to use it, but he didn’t come into contact with anyone, Hoaas said.

The female student interrupted the scuffle, and police took the two men into custody.

The man with the knife had a minor injury, and was sent to an area hospital before returning to University Police’s station to be processed, Hoaas said. The female student and the other man were unhurt.

Terell Phillip Slaughter, 26, of Baltimore, has been charged with first and second degree assault in the incident, Hoaas wrote in an email Monday. 25-year-old Carlie Deandre Bennett Jr., also from Baltimore, has been charged with trespassing on school grounds and on private property.

Hoaas said police did not send a UMD alert because there was no imminent, life-threatening danger, and they did not send an email because there is no ongoing risk for the campus community.

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