The Maryland men’s basketball team had a disappointing 2017-18 season, failing to make both the NCAA tournament and the NIT. After a letdown like that, it’s important for Mark Turgeon and his players to work hard as they prepare to bounce back and return to the tournament next season.

As seen by a picture Turgeon tweeted on Thursday, part of those preparations include the entire team becoming absolutely jacked.

Everyone in this picture looks like they’re in incredible shape, as you’d expect, but I want to draw your attention specifically to Kevin Huerter.

This is what Huerter’s arms looked like when the Terps’ season ended on March 1 in the Big Ten tournament against Wisconsin.

Guard Kevin Huerter scopes the court for an open teammate in Maryland’s 59-54 loss against Wisconsin in the first round of the Big Ten Tournament at Madison Square Garden. (Marquise McKine/The Diamondback)

And here’s what Huerter looks like just two months later.

(Photo via Mark Turgeon’s Twitter.)

I’m not a fitness expert — the last time I went to Eppley was freshman year — but this still looks like an absolutely unbelievable transformation in just two months. Whatever diet and workout regime Maryland gave Huerter, it’s safe to say it’s worked, so kudos to Kyle Tarp for that.

It’s still up in the air whether Huerter returns to Maryland next season, but if he does, he should be much stronger than he was last season.