A University of Maryland Police officer arrested a man Wednesday who has been charged with assaulting a student in April, according to a news release.

University Police got a call at 9:03 a.m. from a Stamp Student Union employee who said she saw a suspicious person in the building, the news release read. The employee believed the man was Clarence Ingram Haywood Jr., a suspect police announced Monday they had an arrest warrant for.

Police said Haywood hit a male student in the arm, and threw a rock at him, on the campus April 24.

The Stamp employee had seen his picture when the supervisor of her company had shared the news release about the incident with employees.

After the call, Security Operations Center staff — who monitor campus cameras—were able to locate him boarding a bus, according to the press release. An officer followed Haywood onto the bus, found him and arrested him there, police spokeswoman Sgt. Rosanne Hoaas said.

Police acknowledged in the press release that “if it were not for our attentive employee, we would still be looking for Mr. Haywood Jr.”

Police Chief David Mitchell applauded the efforts of the employee in helping to arrest the suspect.

“We all play an active role in keeping our campus community safe,” Mitchell said in the press release. “Today is a perfect example of how Terps are protecting Terps.”

Haywood is charged with second degree assault and trespassing on school grounds. He is also charged with identity fraud, as police said he lied about his name to an officer, according to the press release.