A little while ago we wrote about future Terp Taylor Mikesell draining a bunch of threes in preparation for a national high school three-point shooting contest in San Antonio as part of the Final Four festivities.

Now we can report that she wound up winning that competition.

Mikesell beat out seven other elite high school three-point shooters to win her title. She claimed 21 of a possible 30 points in each of the first two rounds to advance to the final, where she faced Lexy Lake, a sharpshooter from Kentucky.

In the final, Mikesell earned 23 points to win the competition. She never missed more than two shots on any of the five racks, and made all five of her shots on both the first and fourth rack in an outstanding shooting performance.

Here you can see the first rack.

And now the fourth rack.

With Kristen Confroy’s upcoming graduation, Brenda Frese’s squad will need someone to replace her contributions from beyond the arc.

It’s a good thing they have the best high school three-point shooter in the whole dang country.