Taylor Mikesell is one of the three members of Brenda Frese’s most recent great recruiting class. ESPN grades her as a five-star prospect and ranks her as the ninth-best point guard in the class of 2018.

Why? Because she can do things like this.

Mikesell put on this shooting performance to prepare for her appearance in a national high school three-point shooting competition, which will be taking place in San Antonio as part of the festivities for the men’s basketball Final Four.

This shooting performance should hardly come as a surprise, as Mikesell has put up absolutely bonkers numbers in her final season of high school basketball. In one game earlier this season, Mikesell drained 14 threes (!) en route to 60 points (!!!).

There was also the time she scored 33 straight points to help her team get an overtime win.

Mikesell has spent her entire season posting incredible numbers. The fact that she went 22-for-25 on threes in preparation for a national three-point shooting contest just seems like business as usual for the future Terp.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this blog incorrectly stated Mikesell went 27-for-30 on threes. She made 22 of 25 three-point attempts, scoring 27 of 30 possible points. This article has been updated.