Season one of Sneaky Pete left most viewers with a dizzying array of emotions. But one thing is for sure: Pete Murphy is coming back, baby!

Pete Murphy, also known as Marius Josipovic, is a cunning con man who has been released from jail when we first see him in season one. His cell mate — the real Pete — has reminisced about his childhood and family. With nowhere else to go, Marius assumes his cell mate’s identity and moves in with Pete’s estranged family, the Bernhardts, a seemingly sweet and innocuous group that lives on the countryside.

However, not all is at is seems. “Pete” has to keep up with his pretense among the Bernhardt family and fend off crime lord Vince Lonigan (Bryan Cranston) coming after him and his brother, Eddie (Michael Drayer), who is unlucky at best.

Season one starts off smoothly and ends with a bang but sticks to the suspense that hooked so many viewers in the beginning. The characters — especially Marius — are wonderfully three-dimensional and, throughout the episodes, blow us away with how imperfect they are.

There’s a lot of action, a lot of deceit, and a lot of clever thrill that make the first season not only worthy of a late night binge, but a five-star rating. So how about season two?

Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of Marius’ development into a complex and stronger character. He didn’t quite make the transformation at the end of season one, but we can tell that he has a heart of gold by the way he ousts his rivals and saves his fellow con men.

In terms of the Bernhardts, let’s just hope they fix their messy legal problem that has killed and devastated many.

We get a glimpse of Marius’ fellow con men near the end. Let’s have our fingers crossed that they grow closer together and somehow intertwine their lives with those of the Bernhardts.

Of course, the real question still remains: Will the Bernhardts find out about Marius’ true identity?

Hopefully not yet. At least they know that he cons, but otherwise, it is too soon to divulge that the Bernhardts’ long-lost relative is actually not really their relative at all. Besides, Marius is helping them, so why burn bridges now? Imagine how sticky the situation would be amid all the mumbo jumbo they got themselves in. *shudder*

One more thing, Sneaky Pete season two: Please keep the cons coming. They’re incredibly creative, interesting and scandalous.