The holiday classic A Christmas Story has gotten the musical treatment — a live performance of the show will air on Fox on Dec. 17.

While A Christmas Story is a classic, there are plenty of other fan favorite holiday movies that also deserve to have a musical made and then performed live on television. Here are a few.


Okay, duh. Everyone loves Elf. The movie is probably the best contemporary Christmas movie, and it has family entertainment for kids and adults alike. It’s actually already a musical on Broadway. So, this may happen someday, considering the musical opens in Madison Square Garden this December.

The Santa Clause

It’s hard to believe this one is 23 years old, but Tim Allen’s classic about a normal dad becoming Santa would absolutely work as a musical. It has potential for comedy, laughter and a heartfelt number where an adorable child actor sings a sad song about his parents. My first pick for a musical number would be “Does This Look Like a Little Weight to You?” when Santa visits the doctor’s office.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

“And the Tony/Emmy for best makeup goes to…”

Deck the Halls

Okay, I’ll be frank, this movie is not very good. It has its moments, but it’s borderline awful. That said, it has potential to be a very silly feature musical about a man wanting to light up his house enough to be seen from space. The only caveat is that the leads would still need to be played by Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Hot take alert! The sequel to Home Alone actually would make a better musical than the original. Perhaps there’d need to be a title change, but a story about a kid lost in New York city seems to have more potential for movement and musical numbers than a kid simply left at his house. Once again, there’s an adorable child actor factor, which would put this one over the edge.

White Christmas

This is yet another movie that’s already a musical. In fact, the original movie was also a musical. A live performance of this holiday classic would harken back to classic movie and Broadway musicals. This also serves as a holiday movie recommendation for anyone who’s never seen White Christmas. It’s on Netflix.

Die Hard

This one has stirred some debate as to whether it is actually a Christmas movie. Regardless of where you stand on the matter (it is definitely a Christmas movie), I think the idea of John McClane belting out show tunes while clearing terrorists on floors in a high-rise building during a Christmas party has potential to be a smash hit. Although, in the Venn diagram of people who like musical theater and people who like Die Hard, I’m pretty sure the middle part is just me and a handful of other people.