The GSG Governance Committee on Thursday recommended to indict its former president on charges of misrepresentation of duty and misuse of funds after concluding its impeachment investigation.

On Friday, assembly members will vote on whether to impeach former Graduate Student Government president Stephanie Cork, who resigned on Nov. 20 for personal and political reasons, she said.

GSG Legislative Affairs Vice President Adria Schwarber has served as interim president since that time.

The committee wrote in its report that Cork had violated several bylaws and its approved budget. GSG voted to launch the impeachment investigation during its Nov. 3 meeting after noticing the fiscal 2017 budget had been overspent by about $36,000.

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The committee found the director of operations was offered a contract in April that paid $1,218 biweekly and required the GSG to pay Social Security and unemployment benefits. The payment terms offered in the contract violated the GSG bylaws, according to the document.

Records also indicated that executives agreed to sponsor a Disability Summit held in April for $1,700. However, after the event, the total charges amounted to about $5,200.

While the fiscal 2017 budget allocated $5,600 for external programming, records show about $11,000 went toward sponsoring events in fall 2016 and $12,700 in spring 2017, for a total of nearly $24,000, an amount that “far exceeds” the approved budget, the report stated.

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Other violations included changing the nature and funding for various positions, receiving donations for events not run by GSG and creating a new category in the budget that about $14,000 was spent on, all without assembly approval, according to the report.

“President Cork was working under a significant and fundamental misunderstanding or ignorance of the GSG budget, Bylaws and Constitution,” the report stated. “This misunderstanding or ignorance resulted in an expansion of the Presidential powers […] and diminished the oversight assigned to the Assembly, other Executives, and the Governance Committee.”

GSG launched the investigation after Financial Affairs Vice President Devin Scott noticed overspending in the budget.

The Assembly voted 34-7 in favor of an impeachment investigation, affording the Governance Committee one month to conduct an investigation.

Cork did not immediately respond to request for comment.