Maryland got a big out-of-conference win, on Wednesday night, beating Butler 79-65. Anthony Cowan posted a double-double, scoring 25 points and grabbing ten rebounds.

Cowan’s biggest bucket came when he fired up a shot with 6:19 left in the second half. With the shot clock running down, Cowan shot a deep three that did not look likely to go in. But it did!

Let us break down what we were thinking when Cowan shot his shot, literally.

Cowan shot 1

“Okay, well, there’s five seconds left on the shot clock, I guess at this point Cowan has to throw a shot up, but jeez this is a deep shot. With five seconds left, I wonder if he could have taken another dribble or two and tried to get a better look? Darryl Morsell looks kind of open, he could have just passed it to him.”

Cowan shot 2

“Oh man, look at how contested this look is, there is absolutely no way this is going in. I hope this is just an aberration. If Cowan forces shots like this all year, we are going to be missing Melo Trimble so much. I already do. Plus, if Butler goes down and scores after this, it is a going to be a one-possession game. This is not looking good.”

Cowan shot 3

“Wait is that shot going in? It looks pretty good right now. God, imagine the eruption in the arena if he actually sinks this shot. But come on, no one besides Jimmer Fredette knocks down shots from that far away as a college player.”

Cowan shot 4

“Oh my God, how the hell did he make that?”