The face of Maryland basketball from 2014 to 2017 is off to bigger and better things, and frankly, it’s a little hard to accept sometimes.

But when Melo Trimble has a performance like he did on Thursday in the NBA’s G League, the Maryland basketball community comes together to praise one of its own.

And this performance was unreal. Trimble scored 37 points and dished out eight assists in the Iowa Wolves’ 141-140 loss to the Northern Arizona Suns. Melo’s team didn’t get the win, but man, did he say, “hey, give me a shot at the NBA.”

First of all, the passing was tremendous tonight from the man who used to sport the frosted tips. This no-look pass to Amile Jefferson was quite something.

There was also this pass, set up by a devastating crossover on former LSU guard Josh Gray, who used to have ankles.

Melo also brought the defense on Thursday night. Askia Booker thought he had a layup, until he didn’t have the ball anymore.

Don’t worry, everyone — despite 14 of his points coming from the free throw line, Trimble did put on quite the scoring display. Watching this and-1 made me picture him back in a Maryland uniform.

Then, of course, there’s the classic Melo Trimble move — get around the screen and get to the basket at full speed.

But as soon as you expect him to drive to the bucket again, he pulls up from the top of the key and knocks it down.

At this point, Melo’s teammates thought they were out of the game. What they didn’t realize is that Trimble can do things on a basketball court that should be illegal.

And then how about a running 3-pointer off one foot for good measure?

If you want to see the full highlights, you can check them out here, but all you need to know is that Melo Trimble is averaging 26.7 points per game so far in his professional career. Kobe Bryant averaged 25. Stay Woke.