You’ll never believe this, but Maryland suffered yet another injury to a quarterback on Saturday.

Max Bortenschlager was Maryland’s latest signal caller to suffer an injury, meaning the Terps had to turn to Ryan Brand as their fourth quarterback this season.

If, God forbid, Maryland suffers another injury to a quarterback, who could be next up for the Terps?

Wallace Loh

In our opinion, a university president should be willing to do anything for their students. In the case of Wallace Loh, right now his student body needs a healthy quarterback more than anything else. So if Brand goes down, don’t be surprised to see Loh put on a helmet and try to lead the Terps to a bowl game in their final three weeks.

The Jim Henson and Kermit Statue

Can an inanimate object play football? Probably not. However, there would be no need to worry about a statue ever suffering an injury, so we like the chances for one of Maryland’s most well-known alums and his famous character to stay healthy this season.

Anthony Cowan

Cowan led last year’s men’s basketball team with 3.7 assists per game. He’s already established he has the vision and passing savvy to be one of the Big Ten’s best point guards, why not try another sport where passing is awfully important to success?

Tyler Blohm

Blohm is Maryland baseball’s returning leader in ERA, which means he has some talent when it comes to being able to accurately throw a baseball. The motion might be a little different for football, but he’s certainly worth a try.

Cathy Reese

Sometimes you just need a proven winner at quarterback. We’re going to assume Reese has never played organized football, but when it comes to women’s lacrosse, all she ever does is win national titles. While the transition from women’s lacrosse to football could prove tricky, no one on this entire campus knows more about how to win big games than Reese.

Shawn Petty

I mean it didn’t work out super well the first time, but why not give him a second chance?