For the first time this fall, College Park got a little chilly this morning, and Maryland football safety Denzel Conyers was feeling the effects.

You can’t blame the St. Petersburg, Florida, native for feeling out of his element, since he’s probably used to weather in the Sunshine State that never really dips below 60 degrees.

However, this is Conyers’ fourth year on campus, and he has to know it’s only going to get colder from here. So, are three hoodies, or possibly four, in his future?

But the real question is, which teammates were telling Conyers that it wasn’t that cold? It probably wasn’t any of his fellow defensive backs, as the secondary includes five other players from Florida.

The plus side for the Terps? This Saturday’s game time temperature is 71 degrees. That’s a little closer to Florida weather. Maybe he’ll only need one hoodie!