As part of the 2017 NextNOW festival, students from Bowie State University and the University of Maryland painted a joint mural — dubbed the Unity Mural — which will be split in half so each school can showcase a piece.

Murals and street art have a unique way of expressing messages or themes other art forms cannot match, so we were inspired to find some of the best street art in and around College Park:


This piece of art tells us a list of things to beware of, including money (capitalism) and the Illuminati.

Unfinished Snake

​​​An unfinished work that the artist left for someone else.


​A bit of inspiration tagged on the underside of a bridge.


​This artist, “Crave,” has created several pieces that appear on and around campus.


​Another rendition of this artist’s tag.


​Here, this tag is displayed on the side of one of the transformers on campus.


​This campus dumpster is one of many decorated with murals painted by different student organizations.


​​​​​​​​​​​A bright pop culture reference on an otherwise black and white section of wall.


​This newly finished work graces the side of what will soon be Vigilante Coffee.

These are just a short Metro ride away from campus in Garfield Park:

Free Your Mind

​This inspirational message was sprayed hastily on a skate ramp.

Just Don't Stop

​More positive vibes seen here painted on some rubble.


​This complicated work overlooks the rest of Garfield Park.