In 2004, game developer Pandemic Studios, along with LucasArts, created one of the most immersive, action-packed gaming experiences based in the Star Wars universe with Star Wars: Battlefront. Then, in 2005, they released a successful sequel, Star Wars: Battlefront II. On Saturday, Electronic Arts revealed the sequel to its 2015 iteration of Star Wars: Battlefront — and fans are worried.

EA once prided itself on high-quality games like massively successful first-person shooters Battlefield 2 (2005) and Crysis (2007) that managed to not only provide memorable and high-octane experiences, but also unique gameplay that was revolutionary at the time of their releases.

However, during the past few years, the gaming publisher’s ability to wow turned into a knack for disappointment. With games like Battlefield 4 and a continuous stream of Assassin’s Creed titles — which have turned into gaming traditions, expected each year like the Call of Duty series — EA seems to be running out of fresh ideas. It also didn’t help that its attempt at remaking the first Star Wars: Battlefront turned out to be a game with no actual depth or progression system to keep the gameplay interesting.

This is perhaps the main reason why people are disturbed by EA’s return to the franchise with Star Wars: Battlefront II. Recently, Wired argued that EA isn’t able to give fans remakes to satisfy them because the company includes too little.

“It focused so singularly on the original trilogy that it failed to properly reckon with what would be most engaging,” Julie Muncy wrote. “Or what fans might want out of a new Battlefront game.”

This observation also sheds light on the new teaser for the upcoming game that showcases a variety of planets, heroes and a bold statement, “across all eras,” which could prove exciting if true. The EA website actually shows several character models including that of a battle droid, which belongs to any of the prequels. This could mean that EA is taking a much-needed page out of Pandemic’s Battlefront series, which relied more on content and immersion.

If Pandemic’s past is any indication, EA should do its best to stick closely to the formula that made the previous Battlefront games memorable and most importantly, beloved by hardcore fans of the saga.