“It’s a beautiful day out and the music is good.”

So goes the description of another successful Terpstock, as given by freshman mechanical engineering major Lee Kirshenboim.

COIN and Phoebe Ryan headlined this year’s rendition of the annual show put on by Student Entertainment Events. Other performers joined them in a festival of sorts, and on Sunday the six hours of performances in the Nyumburu Amphitheater seemed like the perfect way to celebrate the nice weather.

“I really enjoyed Phoebe Ryan; it’s been a lot of fun,” Kirshenboim said.

Even the performers were enjoying themselves throughout the day.

“So far the day has been amazing,” Ryan said. “The weather is sublime, it’s insane today. Out of nowhere it’s like the perfect day.”

Student acts Hunter Smith, Elie and the Bears and Rent Party joined the headliners.

The student acts were chosen from the pool of participants at the Battle of the Bands competition on March 13.

“When I found out that I had been accepted to perform in Battle of the Bands, I was like, ‘Well, I need a band,'” junior psychology major Elie Rizk said. “So I mustered up the Bears here, and we got together and made eight songs in two days. And now we’ve performed at Terpstock!”

The other artists had very different paths to performing at Terpstock.

“Joseph and I met in college at Belmont University in Nashville and then met Ryan and Zach there. We got asked to play a magazine release party in a basketball gym,” Chase Lawrence, COIN’s lead vocalist said. “That basketball gym led to another show and then they asked us to play another show, and they kept asking us up to the point that we’re here playing.”

The headliners were chosen based on a survey sent out to students on campus.

“Once we have a winner, we look at the budgeting and then we reach out to the bands through different agents,” SEE musical arts director and junior marketing major Eric Higgins said. “Then we collaborate and see what kind of dates we can work around, and we one by one lock down the artists.”

Sunday’s crowd seemed to be pleased with both selections. Students basked in the spring sun, expressing their gratitude with the rhythmic nod of a head or the tapping of an exposed toe.