Comedy fans, rejoice — the most underrated show on television is back.

After its winter hiatus, save for a single episode on Jan. 8, Bob’s Burgers returned Sunday night and reminded us all once again that comedy can be kind without sacrificing quality.

In its seventh season, Bob’s Burgers follows the quirky cartoon Belcher family that works together to run the family burger joint. I have, on more than a few occasions, described the show to friends as “The Simpsons, except all the family members are nice to each other.”

Feel-good without being cheesy, funny without being overly mean; it’s a rare comedy that, for the most part, doesn’t rely on topical humor. The story takes place in the present-day, but it really could take place during any time period. More than anything, it’s about the relationships between the Belchers and their ragtag group of friends and neighbors.

The show’s dialogue is somehow both absurd and relatable at the same time. A clip from season three depicts Bob teaching his teenage daughter, Tina, how to drive. It simultaneously voices the struggles of every parent teaching their child to drive while also making fun of how dramatic driving lessons can feel, reflecting the show’s sense of humor as a whole.

Bob’s Burgers also skillfully tackles the art of the visual pun like no one else. Fans look forward to new ones each week. In the opening credits a different pun-based store name, such as “The Massagonyst: Massages for Men,” opens every time. Bob’s burger of the day ranges from more obvious choices such as the “Sweet Home Avocado Burger” to absurd ones such as “The Cauliflower’s Cumin from Inside the House Burger.” Hell, the show even inspired the punniest cookbook you could possibly imagine .

Through relatable jokes and quality puns, Bob’s Burgers never sacrifices the Belcher family’s love for each other for the sake of comedy. Supporting one another is never the butt of a joke; it’s an unconditional factor that lets characters joke with each other in addition to the audience.

Especially during a time when every late-night show is taking full advantage of the slew of material the current political climate provides, Bob’s Burgers is a quality distraction. Though plenty of quality comedies succeed in making viewers at the expense of another person’s feelings, Bob’s Burgers is a reminder that funny and mean don’t have to go hand in hand.