The cold seasons have finally settled upon us, but the music industry is just heating up. We’ve got Kanye West’s pro-Donald Trump rants, new artistically impeccable tracks from Childish Gambino and the first album from A Tribe Called Quest in almost 20 years aiding in the wrap-up of what has been one astonishing year in music. Enjoy this week’s edition of Push Play Monday.

1)”Insanity” by BLESSED

For those who are feeling a little empty ever since Kid Cudi removed himself from the music scene, Australian rapper BLESSED is here to fill the void, with a voice mysteriously similar to Cudi. This track follows his debut single, “Sorrows,” both of which are self-produced and an assuredly strong start for the artist.

2)”Bad Timing” by Ex Reyes

Ex Reyes is already aware his music doesn’t quite fit into any particular category, hence his self-labeling of “Psych-Soul / Humid Subtropical / Future Nostalgia.” The Brooklyn-based artist’s real name is Mikey Freedom Hart. He began formally playing live shows this year, just a few months before releasing his debut EP, DO SOMETHING.

3)”Call” by Kasbo feat. Cheney

This 19-year-old producer spent last fall touring with ODESZA across the country, during with he released his first single under Foreign Family Collective, ODESZA’s new label. Originally from Sweden, his music holds a similar new wave feel to it that a lot of the music coming out of his home country does.

4)”I’m Sorry” by Swell feat. shiloh

Ezra Claproth is the 18-year-old behind this masterful work. The Melbourne artist sampled a Vine made by user ShilohDynasty in 2014 and mastered it into this mellow, smooth track. Although it is a continuous loop of the same sound, the monotony is subdued by the melody Swell threw over top of it.

5)”Home Alone” by Joyce Wrice

Joyce Wrice moved to Los Angeles three years ago to obtain a degree from Soka University in Orange County, where she became part of the Soka Gakkai International organization, which specializes in the practice of Nichiren Buddhism. Her religious practices have greatly influenced her music. Her music career began to take off with the aide of R&B artist SiR, who found her music covers on YouTube.

6)”In Your River” by Snoh Aalegra

Snoh Aalegra has the sound Amy Winehouse fans have been longing for since her passing. Her bluesy vocals layer over this track in the most effortless harmony that has come out of Sweden in the last decade. Under the guidance of No I.D., the producer responsible for Common’s “Bad Things” and RZA’s “Emotional, she has developed her now trademarked soulful musicality.

7)”Meet Me” by Mickey Valen feat. Noé

New York City-based producer Mickey Valen holds a relatively low internet profile, but it is pretty well known that what he puts out tends to be golden. Valen teamed up with French songstress Noé and producer Oktavian to create this release for Trap Nation. It’s dizzying, it’s chaotic, it’s everything a hypnotic song wants to be.

8)”Burn Break Crash” by Aanysa feat. Snakehips

Snakehips consistently honors their feature artists with every single track they put out. This time, they worked with the 17-year-old Aanysa, who gained fame from her YouTube covers. Although she auditioned for America’s Got Talent and never made it on the show, she is doing perfectly alright for the beginnings of her music career.

9)”Fall” by Crush

Crush, born Shin Hyo-seob, is a member of the budding South Korean R&B scene. His debut came in 2012 with the single “Red Dress,” followed by a few other singles. He released his debut studio album, Crush on You, in 2014. This track comes from his most recent EP, Wonderlust, a beautifully mastered five-track composition sure to set him apart from much of the pop music currently coming out of Korea.

10)”Foreplay” by Jalen Santoy

Twenty-three-year-old singer, rapper and songwriter Jalen Santoy Gathers from Charlotte, North Carolina, tackles a variety of perspectives on his debut EP, Charlie Eastern, from love to police brutality. He has been making music since he was 15, but relocated to North Carolina to create his first project in 2014. This song is certainly jazzy — both upbeat and downing at the same time, but perfectly composed for Santoy’s flow.