The Diamondback, in collaboration with Sex Week at UMD, is proud to present you with Sex in College Park, our annual guide to getting down at the University of Maryland. We explore both the weird and the wonderful aspects of [insert your favorite sex euphemism here]. Need a playlist of sultry songs to set the mood? We’ve got you. Having trouble deciding which birth control is right for you? All the information you need is right below. Think you’re the only one whose last Tinder tryst went terribly awry? Your people are just a click away. Whether you beelined to this page on purpose or you find yourself blushing and covering your screen, hopefully, you find something fun and useful — or at least try your hand at the sexy crossword in the print version. Just don’t do it in class (trust us).

Tinder horror stories to scare your pants on

Navigating love, sex and relationships from a long distance

A sex playlist to set the three-minutes-or-less mood

How campaign rhetoric is triggering sexual assault victims

For a sex-toy-making student, masturbation is more than playing around

How the films we watch portray characters’ “first times”

How the sex ed you received affects your college experiences

Take a look at the Health Center’s birth control offerings

Meet the asexual student playing Rocky Horror’s Dr. Frank-N-Furter