With conference play approaching, we took a look at the best mascots in the Big Ten and ranked them based on appearance. (Note: Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan were disqualified for not having a mascot. Get it together, guys.)

11. Nittany Lion, Penn State

Twitter: @NittanyLion

Positives: None, absolutely none.

Negatives: This mascot is significantly worse than my high school mascot. This nude feline looks more like a bear than a lion. Its caricature is incredibly dull, and the costume itself looks like a poorly made halloween costume I would find on eBay. Do better, Penn State.

10. Willie the Wildcat, Northwestern

Twitter: @WillieWildcatNU

Positives: At least it’s not Penn State’s mascot.

Negatives: Willie the Wildcat is a boring name that is not original (Kansas State’s mascot has the same name). Willie looks more like a rat with hair than it does a cat, plus he has a strange and frightening face. Northwestern should go back to the drawing board with this one.

9. Purdue Pete, Purdue

Twitter: @TheRealPUPete

Positives: I’m a fan of Pete’s giant hammer and his willingness to change uniforms based on the occasion (note he does not usually wear those beautiful pants).

Negatives: The costume itself is not much of a costume. It’s just a clunky face on a strong person. I know Purdue Pete has come a long way, but there’s still room for improvement.

8. Testudo, Maryland

Twitter: @Testudo_UMD

Positives: Since there’s only one turtle team nickname among the college football powerhouses, Testudo can’t help but look totally different from any of its opponents. Although Testudo might not strike any fear into the competition, it has a fan-friendly look and is extremely marketable.

Negatives: The costume itself could be made better. The outfit looks like a glorified halloween costume with a simple, flat shell, and Testudo does not have shoes.

7. Herbie Husker, Nebraska

Twitter: @Herbie_Husker

Positives: Herbie will never go cold as it is one of the few mascots that is dressed head to toe and has a great outfit. The Nebraskan has a genuine smile and a terrific hat. The name alliteration is a nice touch.

Negatives: Herbie has a plain look, and a person who husks corn is not much of a mascot.

6. Scarlet Knight, Rutgers

Twitter: @RUScarletKnight

Positives: Scarlet Knight has a fiercely intimidating and also a sword. Although it does not have the muscle tone other warrior mascots do in the Big Ten, it has a great outfit and a fan-friendly appearance.

Negatives: Rutgers could have created a real name for its mascot.

5. Bucky Badger, Wisconsin

Twitter: @UWBuckyBadger

Positives: Bucky Badger has an underrated feel, which you could say about the entire university. It has a great mix of instilling fear and being a cuddly animal. Its head is uniquely designed, and it still manages to make the most of the Wisconsin “W.”

Negatives: Bucky does run around without pants, which is frowned upon.

4. Herky the Hawk, Iowa

Twitter: @theREALherky

Positives: Props to Iowa: It took a few tries…

Last one. Iowa mascot Herky the Hawk totally looks like Tweety Bird. pic.twitter.com/zjsPTjz9FA
— Mike Purrriley (@Ndamukat) November 26, 2014

…but the current Herky is a great mascot. Its appearance is well thought out (dressed from head to giant yellow shoes), unlike some other mascots running around naked. Despite being in the news for looking too aggressive, the Hawk has a nice blend of intimidation and friendliness and makes the most out of rather dull logo.

Negatives: The name choice.

3. Goldy Gopher, Minnesota

Twitter: @GoldyTheGopher

Positives: Minnesota did the most for a team whose mascot is a gopher. Goldy has the entire outfit going for him: a signature Minnesota jersey with those bright yellow pants, and even some socks and Nikes. Its best trait is one of the most iconic faces among any mascot in the country. It does Minnesota’s amazing logo justice.

Negatives: It’s a far cry from intimidating any opponent.

2. Brutus Buckeye, Ohio State

Twitter: @Brutus_Buckeye

Positives: Brutus Buckeye is an incredibly iconic mascot and is the only Big Ten Mascot to rock horizontal stripes. The oversized, nut-shaped head-tiny hat combination is so simple but works so well. Ohio State did a fantastic job creating an original mascot from a nut. Brutus is not only one of the best mascots in the Big Ten, but in all of the NCAA. His Twitter also claims he’s America’s most followed mascot.

Negatives: Another overly friendly mascot who is not intimidating, but who needs to be intimidating when the school’s athletics are the most dominant in the country.

1. Sparty, Michigan State

Twitter: @TheRealSparty

Positives: Sparty has everything going for him. He’s got a great outfit, an intimidating look and makes the most out of a non-traditional color scheme. In addition, the helmet accurately represents the logo. The best part: Sparty clearly goes to the gym far more than your typical mascot. He does not skip leg day, and look at that six pack.

Negatives: None