The SGA approved legislation supporting the Terps Vote coalition at its meeting Wednesday night.

The vote was 13-0-1, with Speaker Chris Ricigliano abstaining.

The Student Government Association is one of several organizations that make up the Terps Vote coalition, which works to register voters from the University of Maryland through grassroots and online efforts.

BSOS representative Georgie Jones, who sponsored the bill, said it was well-received.

“We’ve done it for years,” the junior government and politics major said. “There’s not much controversial about it because it’s trying to get people more civically engaged.”

The SGA is also considering two bills sponsored by Ricigliano. It will vote next week on legislation supporting the annual On- and Off-Campus Safety Walk, which would take place on Oct. 7, as well as a bill proposing the allocation of funds to reserve space in the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center for select general body meetings throughout the fall semester. The SGA held a few meetings there last year.

The safety walk “is mostly so we can identify issues that students might be facing safety wise,” said Ricigliano, a junior government and politics and history major.

Academic Affairs Vice President Fasika Delessa also spoke about the goals of the Academic Affairs Committee, highlighting efforts to implement a syllabus bill from 2012 that was revived this past spring. The 2012 bill stated that syllabi should be available online at the time of class registration, but it was not implemented.

“It was brought back up again, which was great work by my predecessor,” said Delessa, a junior management major.

In addition to working with faculty to implement syllabi availability, the Academic Affairs Committee is also in the process of garnering support for a shuttle between College Park and Annapolis.

“If you want to use public transportation, it can take two plus hours and it’s really expensive,” Delessa said.

The committee has been reaching out to state legislators and to colleges at this university to gain support and funding for the proposed shuttle.