This is the first episode of our brand new podcast, The Dive. Produced mainly by members of the Diversions staff, it will be a mix of reporting, discussion, criticism and commentary focused mostly on campus events or the pop culture issues that everyone is talking about.

This is the first podcast series The Diamondback has ever produced so there’s no doubt we’re going to make things up a bit as we go. But we do know a few things for certain right now. We know new episodes will be released biweekly, so if you like what you hear check our SoundCloud page or along that timeline. We know each episode will be broken up into segments, allowing us to tell the variety of stories and cover the landscape of discussion topics that exist on a campus of more than 35,000 students. And we know that throughout each episode you’ll hear a variety of voices, each belonging to a different part of our publication or the Maryland community.

Because this was our debut and the pressure was on to deliver, we decided to play it safe and just cover the basics: buffalo chicken wraps, Lil Wayne and Willy Wonka. And get used to lineups like that — our goal is to make this podcast as eclectic and creative as our written content. So if you’re still reading this and haven’t yet hit play on the track above, stop reading this. Put your headphones on. Hit play. Enjoy The Dive.

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