The Green Tidings food truck will be closed until further notice.

“We are probably more upset than anybody else because we love the truck probably as much as anybody else,” Chef Tom Schraa said. “As soon as we possibly can, we’re going to get that thing up and running.”

Over the summer, Green Tidings had a vacancy and will not be able to reopen until that vacancy is filled, said Dining Services spokesman Bart Hipple. He added that he’s hopeful this will take place within the next four weeks, as the job has already been posted.

In addition to understanding all the safety aspects of working in a mobile kitchen, a Green Tidings employee needs to be able to cook good food in a small space, Hipple said, as well as to be able to safely transfer the food from the prep kitchen to the truck.

The food truck will remain “committed to chef-driven menus and … local or sustainably sourced products,” Hipple said.