Yesterday, Maria Romas revealed her role in an online feminist prank that went viral — a fake Playboy article called “Top Ten Party Commandments: The Ultimate Guide for a Consensual Good Time.”

Today, Romas and two other columnists, as well as one cartoonist, share their views on one particular aspect of the feminist movement called SlutWalk, an event that has drawn both praise and controversy nationwide.

Chicks Kick Ass

-Ashley Zachery

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“My problem does not lie with the stated mission of the SlutWalk, nor necessarily the protesters themselves. Looking past the bright posters, neon-colored bras and fishnet stockings, there is a problem at the movement’s foundation: the word ‘slut.'” – Lauren Nurse

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“Because our culture has been successful at sexualizing images like women in bras, for example, men’s first thoughts are of sex…This isn’t just a male reaction to SlutWalk. Any advertisement hoping to reach a male audience knows it only needs the slightest touch of sexual suggestion to lock the male mind into a single desire.” -Erik Shell

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“To assume a woman dressed like a so-called “slut” always wants sex is to assume men have sexual desires that can’t be controlled. And this argument supports rape apologists’ claims that a man can’t help but remedy the situation when he’s aroused by having sex with a woman. The way women dress does not justify the follow-through on men’s sexual desire.” – Maria Romas

Also, editor in chief Mike King sums up this week’s Diamondback articles in his Friday column. 

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“As we plan out our content for each week, it’s impossible not to get excited. Our third week of coverage for the fall semester brought varied, fresh front pages and some content we’re all proud of.” – Mike King