Prince George’s County Police have arrested more than 80 people in a prostitution sting in College Park that began Aug. 1.

Officers arrested 13 men for assignation – meeting up in order to exchange sex for money – and six women on prostitution charges Wednesday. On Thursday, six more women were arrested for prostitution and 11 men were arrested for assignation, police said. Original police reports stated that 30 were arrested, but the number jumped to 81 Monday, spokeswoman Julie Parker said.

A College Park man, Keith Lambkin, 34, was among the 20 arrested Wednesday. Prince George’s County police spokesman Edward Martin declined to name the five hotels involved in the investigation. Parker said police were not shocked by the number of men and women arrested in the sting.

“We aren’t surprised because we continually make these types of arrests but it is disappointing,” she wrote in a text Monday. “We need hotels to work with law enforcement by adopting better business practices because we can’t keep arresting our way out of this problem.”

All involved are adults, according to police, and the arrested are not just from this state. The list released by police includes names from Ohio, Florida and West Virginia, among other states.

Female officers posed as prostitutes to engage potential customers over the phone, police said, adding that the officers also posted fake ads on solicitation websites.

District 1 Commander Maj. Robert Brewer said the Districts I and IV Special Assignment Teams, Narcotic Enforcement Division and FBI Human Trafficking Unit tracked the individuals through the Internet, where the prostitutes were advertising their services.

“With the Internet, it’s become easier for prostitutes to advertise themselves without walking up and down the streets,” Brewer said, adding there were “a few” assaults reported earlier this week that helped the police search.

Brewer said the prostitution sting is not uncommon and is not specific to the county.

“Howard County did one on Rt. 1 a week and a half ago and our units do them throughout the county, too,” Brewer said. “Police have hit hotels in Oxen Hill and Landover, all over the place. It’s not unique to Prince George’s county by any means.”