Obligatory spoiler alert.

We’re back again with another episode of Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me or as everyone else calls it, Game Of Thrones.

Let’s get right to it.

  • Jon Snow looks pretty good naked, and also seems mildly freaked out by his sudden revival — as we all would be. Above all, he’s done. Done with the watch, that is. After executing his betrayers, including one particularly grim-faced and not-even-slightly-sorry Olly, he performs the Middle Ages version of a mic drop and strides right on out of Castle Black without so much as a glance back. His watch is ended, but where is he going now?

  • Rickon Stark is actually alive!? And Shaggydog is not!?! In case you’re like me and literally had to look up the last time we saw Rickon, it was Season 3 and he was hightailing it out of Dodge with Osha, who is also apparently alive. Lord Umber presented them both to Ramsay, so only the gods know how long they’ll last. This is, after all, Game of Thrones.

  • Young Ned Stark and Co. do some fancy swordplay outside what is presumably the Tower of Joy before the Three-Eyed Raven ruins everyone’s fun. So, no, we don’t get to see Ned run up to his sister Lyanna and verify what everybody already knows (and if you don’t, catch up on the R+L=J fan theory here). Both we and Bran will have to be patient.

  • Arya continues training with excessively cruel nameless girl. She’s clearly dedicated to being nameless, as she takes some pretty catastrophic-looking blows from aforementioned nameless girl and remains blind regardless of the many outs the Jaqen H’ghar gives her. Clearly impressed by her drive, H’ghar, er, a man brings Arya, er, a girl to drink the death water in the House of Black and White. She regains her sight, though we’re still pretty blind to where her plotline will go from here.

  • Varys has gone about the task of clearing out the bad apples while Tyrion is truly failing at engaging Grey Worm and Missendei in conversation. Varys uses his famous birds to find out who is funding the Sons of the Harpy. No surprises, its the masters of the various cities Dany conquered. Missandei gives a kind of awkward and vague little monologue on the only language the masters speak, and the crew decides to speak that language (money? war? probably money) to vanquish their rebellion.

So really, we just have more questions than answers and more loose threads that probably won’t be tied anytime soon. But it’s Thrones. That’s the whole point.